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  1. How much for an infernal cape on account with roughly these stats
  2. Full disclosure, I'm about a fifth deep and might not make perfect sense but I'm going to give it my best effort. The primary goal of the thread is entirely avoiding the RWT ban hammer so with that in mind I'm going to stick with saying the trading is happening on mains/alts. I'm tracking that dumping the gold quickly to avoid ever having currency on the account when it gets an RWT ban is doable and a completely plausible solution for an established seller but for the average guy just buying gold and not running a network of mules that's unlikely to be a readily available option. Do you think the average person (using a main/alt) would need to worry about moving large quantities (2b+) or would it be overlooked because of their infrequency of purchases?
  3. My point is the system is likely automated, so a flag going up for 200m would be the same flag for 2b. The only difference I see is ten flags for one and one flag for the other. With the 2B you might be able to explain/lie your way out of it in appeals. Stream donation, youtube raffle, an irl friend, random donation, etc. You couldn't explain ten 200m trades in rapid succession other than the obvious attempt at quietly moving a much larger quantity which is shady because legit players don't worry about an RWT ban. If I want to let someone use my twisted bow I just trade them my twisted bow, I'm not trading them gold equal to the bow in small transactions over the course of the week. By that logic, the "split it up in smaller trades" method looks way more RWT-ish. There is even a likely possibility that after X red flags you trigger a secondary flag for doing flagged trades regularly that you may not have otherwise triggered. tl;dr - all of this shit seems like a guess. Maybe a somewhat educated guess but nothing backed by facts or evidence.
  4. Would that really matter though? It looks more shady trading 200m/day for 10 days vs one trade of 2000m. There is a possible explanation for a 2B donation as where getting 200m every day for over a week seems pretty impossible to deny as RWT? The only potential logic I see here is if there are gated red flags, for example Jagex doesn't even notice the trade if it's less than X but if it's greater than X they do an investigation. But then it's a matter of what is X? because if X is 99M and any 100m+ donation sets off the red flag then 200M on 10 different occasions is setting off 10 red flags and obviously increasing the risk involved.
  5. If you were buying/selling 2b+ how would you go about moving it without getting caught up for RWT? Would they even give a shit if it's traded between older/active accounts?
  6. and Found this in another recent thread of someone who didn't seem to know what they were talking about but Coma was kind enough to put them in their place and shed some light on the reality of how people get caught and banned. Hope one or both of these proves useful. Personally I've been botting and RWTing on my main since 09 and never gotten banned or even gotten black marks on it. The biggest things I do to manage my botting passively: I don't bot my main unless I'm actively on the computer so I can at least partially monitor the bot even if my focus is elsewhere (I've caught bots bugging out on dozens of occasions like this) I never use one bot for more than usually 2-3 hours at a time. I will bot for sometimes around 8 hours a day but never one bot, I'll shift between the 3-4 bots I use at any given time throughout the day. Higher risk bots I generally am not running for more than 1-2 hours at any given time. Generally speaking I might do 2 dreams on NMZ or 2-3k high alchs straight which can take 3-4 hours but are lower risk. Zulrah? I've done a lot of kills and still have never run it for more than 2 hours straight at any given time. Also, if I'm doing something like high alching, I'm doing it in my house not at the grand exchange. This way I can avoid any random people reporting me and raising potential red flags. Full disclosure, I'm not an expert on preventing bot bans. I've got a very good track record of avoiding being caught but it may be pure luck or it may be because I'm mixing up my botting habits frequently enough to avoid this pattern based detection system. Couldn't definitively tell you one way or another, honestly.
  7. Likewise, no images. People who aren't using static images have visible avatars and the avatars that are simply letters work as well for me.
  8. Wasn't having this issue last night but now it seems no matter how I config the settings it's guzzling the rock cake while the overload takes me back down to 1hp resulting in death. Been using this consistently for a few months and this issue has never happened before tonight but I've noticed it three times in less than an hour. ** clearing cache fixed the problem.
  9. I haven't but I know quite a few people that have dated or even married co-workers. I've heard from other guys in different units with females in combat arms that there is quite a bit of fraternization going on. Plenty of the girls end up pregnant before they ever see combat and generally the father has been a co-worker or boss. During my career I've directly seen it happen six times that I remember in units I've worked with or in. Generally it's infantry guys getting with female personnel attached to us from their supporting unit (medics, mechanics, truck drivers, etc.) full disclosure, I did at one point hit it off with an attractive/young female medic but she was a little too crazy and way too sensitive for my taste.
  10. Most of us pick up infantry because we think it will be "fun" or "badass" and then quickly realize it's rarely either. Some like the job but those are the exception, not the rule. For the vast majority, they grow out of the idea of fighting for their government or because it's "badass". The only thing left is the familial bond that is formed between you and the rest of the guys. Most people would agree that they would do just about anything to keep family safe. Without that level of camaraderie, most of us wouldn't do the job.