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  1. No worries dude, I’ll take a look, it’s likely a singular component issue, was it the stun spell you were using? I only ask as I’ve got people stun alching @135k an hour atm so just wanna make sure I’m checking the right stuff. EDIT: I've checked the components and it's got the right component for stunning, it is built in to miss click as with highly click intensive activities humans are not 100% accurate. I can only assume that's the case.
  2. Check the log, if it’s shutting down you’ll be missing something. It also sleeps as part of the anti pattern. Add an account so it logs back in, alternatively post the log and I’ll see what’s activating.
  3. No worries! I’m not totally sure when it’ll run out, I just set it for 2 days from the current day at the time.
  4. Why would people spend time developing good quality bots for free? What do they get in return for their time and hard work? Nothing but “Dunt wrk tho” after there’s been an update or “omg been down for lyk 2 hrs ffs”...
  5. @SweetMano @Gobre I've updated the components and tested briefly and seems working fine now, I've added 5 extra days to your license to cover the innocence. Let me know if there's any further issues going forward. Also as part of the update it should now search for the texture of the spells so if it happens again, we should be covered.
  6. You only used this script for < 3 hours in total, you were likely flagged from one of your previous sessions with scripts that have higher ban rates. Woodcutting famously has a high ban rate and using it for half a day is likely what got you banned.
  7. Please read the message before yours, components of the game have changed which require me to update, however at moment I’m on holiday without access to my pc to get these new values. As I stated I will extend any licenses to cover any lost days.
  8. I’m on holiday this weekend and won’t have access to my pc to check any new values. Ill update likely on Monday and will extend any licenses of people who were unable to use in the mean time. Thanks everyone for understanding 🙂