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  1. It will click the same spot till the mouse is moved, because you can just spam the same place that’s the meta with this game
  2. You used the script for 2 hours yesterday, bans don’t happen that quickly and or even after such little time. I’d expect you were flagged from a previous script and or session. I’d suggest not to bot on an account you’re not willing to lose.
  3. Just to clarify for you, Tele-Alching has to be fast otherwise the method doesn’t work, I added it against my better judgement because it was requested, I provide the means but at the end of the day you use the bot how you want too. - Added customisable mouse speed.
  5. Usually I'd say no as you get a 48 hour window to test and refund the script if it's not to your liking anyway but looking at it, you've had a bad experience with some scripts recently so I've added it for you on this occasion.
  6. Sorry about the wait only just got up, should be good to go now. @JR93 Tested and can confirm the rockcake is working with the overloads after the last update; let me know if you have any further issues.
  7. Thanks for the log, I’ll have to take a look tomorrow as I’m not at home tonight, other people seem to be running fine however so in the mean time try and clear your cache and try again. I’ll let you know when I’ve checked it @JR93 I’ve pushed an update from my phone to hopefully stop it from happening till I can get home and test!
  8. It also depends what you were doing, if you were found you might have been reported etc.