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  1. Getting banned is not a valid reason for a refund. Being banned is more how the script is used and not made these days. You botted 9 hours in only 2 sessions so if you ask me, that’s your own fault.
  2. Post the log and I’ll take a look, the conditions for it to eat the rock cake is that it has>1 & <50 hp with overloads left, if you’ve run out of overloads then it’ll rock cake >1. In the log it will post details of whether or not the overload has run out, hp level etc.
  3. Post the log, I ran it perfectly the other day. Others are running for 4+ hours.
  4. Thanks to @Dwighty sending me the log on pm, solved an issue with it withdrawing and storing overloads & absorbs.
  5. Restore level is set between 15 and 25. Why can’t you attack the monsters? I have no control over refunds you need to request it yourself but By the sounds of it you don’t really know how nmz works so you should probably research things next time.
  6. Whatever you can afford really. There’s no relation to the limit and depositing of the overloads, try starting with no potions at all in the inventory, if that doesn’t work clear the cache.
  7. Slayer bot isn’t supported any more as far as I recall, agility was remade by jagex and the obstacles all changed ID thus ALL of the free agility bots are currently broken.
  8. It died because of the comma, I’ll look into it when I can. Pushed an update for the comma situation. As for it drinking up that high, still can't replicate the problem but believe I may have solved the issue of it drinking constantly when it's overloading, let me know how it goes, it's hard for me to confirm as I can't replicate is all.
  9. Fixing as we speak. ------------------- Should be good to go, there was a minimum level of absorbs requirement added before entering the dream, changing the amount of overloads obviously changes the amount of absorbs you can cary, that's been updated now.
  10. It’s a Thursday, OSRS updates on a Thursday which causes cache problems, delete your cache.