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  1. Just curious, have you done priest in peril? I only ask because I’m working on my 10hp account and I unfortunately have done it which means I now get slayer tasks in the slayer tower which I have to use my main to help with as you can’t use a cannon in there.
  2. This has been resolved on Team Viewer
  3. If it’s iDreamNMZ then you’re likely missing something, if you go to help>view log it will help me work out what you’re missing. @Chris This is the log, iirc that’s not a script problem, any idea on a work around or solution?
  4. Unfortunately no. You may on the other hand buy it, and if you're not satisfied, get a refund within 48 hours.
  5. Updated to support the advertisement board. Will select a house from the list and once visited it will then use the visit-last option. As always any issues let me know!
  6. Well if you’re referring to iPerformMagic you’ve already used it over 10 hours.
  7. It may have recently ran out, sometimes can take 24-48 hours for the system to register its license ending.
  8. iDzn


    Lmao you didn’t pay for it.
  9. The golden rule to botting is not to bot an account you don’t want to lose. You should take a read through here: I found your run data and you ran for 5.6 hours, significantly more than recommended however I have records recently of some people running it upwards of 11 hours a day so I would guess you likely got unlucky.
  10. You don’t need vip to run premium scripts. Also all of the settings are all customisable so not really sure what else you could want. Sorry for your loss but who the fuck bots on an iron man lol.