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    Ye OSRS mobile
  2. @overloadboi Update On the start tab, there is now a save settings button. This will save all visible settings APART from mouse speeds, these will change upon starting the script by default. Click this button to save your settings. Upon starting the script it will detect if you have any settings saved and offer you to load your last saved settings. As always, any issues let me know!
  3. Powerbot as a platform doesn't currently allow private scripts. If you want to get some money back then you'll have to put in the effort/time as mentioned above.
  4. Unless a script a premium, you get nothing but satisfaction from contributing to your community, that goes for both VIP and Free scripts.
  5. If you want to get better at it and take it up as a hobby you've got to learn to debug your own code. Put more print lines in and see what is activating when it shouldn't be, then tighten up the activation statements. EDIT: I'm going to take a wild guess here and say you've got no food in you're inventory, thus you need to go fishing. if(hasFood()){ } else if (shouldGoFishing()) { System.out.println("I should walk to fishes."); walkToFish(); } } public boolean shouldGoFishing() { return == 0; } You're telling it to walk to your fishing spot if you have no food in your inventory. You're not checking your proximity anywhere. Instead you can check your distance from/to the fishing spot. In the example, it will only return true if the food isEmpty() which is easier than count ==0, and your local players tile vs the fishing spots tile, if it's >7 then it'll re-walk there. public boolean shouldGoFishing() { Npc fishSpotToFish =; Player me = ctx.players.local(); return && me.tile().distanceTo(fishSpotToFish.tile())>7; } Hope this helped. @pwrbt123
  6. Your atFishes() only returns true if you're moving, so if you're stood still, you're never atFishes.
  7. No but Iirc this works fine.
  8. Nah no drama dude it’s all good! 👍🏻 1. I’ll probably start work on that today! 2. All you gotta do is just change one of them, I just made it a requirement as it forces the user to change the settings away from default I guess 3. All powerbot scripts are currently monthly licenses. Anything else just holla! 🙂