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  1. Some of my accounts are running without issue, but about half of them are having an issue where when I log back on they're in lumby with an invy full of burning amulets at the bank..will watch closely today to try to seen when and why it happens
  2. Responding via PM now as I'll be including sensitive information.
  3. Yo couple quick suggestions. 1) Have the pot stam pot every time it uses the burning amulet. It seems to never run to the cave with the stam effect so it gets there with 40% run or so. 2) Add a feature in the start up menu that starts the bot with the sole purpose of just selling all the loot in the bank.. this is 100% just me being lazy but selling the same items everyday at night gets tiring =p would be great to have this feauture. you the man =D Ps. I also remember you saying something about having the bots remember names of pkers..what would be even more dope is if the script could remember which worlds the bots die on the most because those ones tend to be the worlds where skulled pvmers just insta kill us when we log on..also adding an option to pick a pool of worlds that the bot rotates between would be amazing..if I could choose 10 worlds to just constantly rotate between then i'm sure the bot would add on another 200-300k/hr on the high level accounts. =D
  4. haha btw that was about 4 days ago, so before the Monday ban wave..account is still up and running and has probably had 8 hours in total breaks over the last 5 days... trying to push the limits on this one to see if jagex even notices.. every account i've had banned so far can be attested to bugs like getting stuck in weird places..but i'm pretty sure they're almost all worked out now
  5. @RZME ayyyyyy! took two tries and a baby burner account but I got it lol... (found out the timer resets after 24hrs the first time so I did it as close as I could)
  6. Haha I know I have one somewhere, here's an image of 3 accounts hitting 18hr+ in the same run.. (top left one is 78 range at that time and only doing the pyre fiend / goblin / imp / demon and i'm pretty sure it hit 20 hours that run) EDIT: Best gp/hr xp/hr and death/hr proxy I could find 10 hours, 3m/hr...32kxp/hr...1.16deaths/hr LOL NOOOOOO, found the screenshot I was talking about...I took this on my phone when looking through teamviewer one morning while I was away from keyboard. I think I stopped the script when I saw it was running for 23 hours because I was paranoid that going for 24 hours straight would trigger some kind of bot detection lol..account hasn't been banned since =D
  7. Selling a NEW OP BUSTED WTF JAGEX type of method for getting 75m AN HOUR with this bot. PROOF: Edit: Bidding starts at 1b, you'll make it back in 13 hours of successfully using this method..surefire, what could go wrong?
  8. overnight log, 36kxp/hr average and 1.3mish/hr avg between the 2..for 800k/hr 75k would be fine, but you'll have to set it higher to hit these rates..i find the golden spot to be between 90k-125k..75k could literally just be black d hide and a rev bracelet, not enough for me tbh.. at 125k your character will bank d legs/plateskirt drops, but stay long enough for atleast 3-5 normal drops. Edit: I also find that accounts reach their peak at 93-99..for some reason even 89 is noticeably worse than 93.
  9. with 85 range you'll need 40 def to even consider breaking 500k/hr.. aim to get at least 40 revs per hr to break 800k/hr (imps/gobs don't count) Also would suggest switching out and going to above lvl 31 also aim to get over 23-25k xp/hr...xp/hr typically correlates to how much gp/hr you'll be making..but don't touch drag/knight unless you have 40 def.
  10. inarush

    91 Magic 10 Hp

    donno, but i'd take for 10m/ea