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    Agility (OSRS) Completes Draynor, Varrock, Falador, Seer agility courses Attempts to collect marks of grace Eats food Log info Changelog version 1.0 01/16/2016 -initial release version 1.1 01/16/2016 -changed antiban -improved waiting for obstacle completion (startpoint) -fixed a bug with checking for marks of grace -outputs to console when done version 1.2 01/16/2016 -added new antiban method (antiban 2) -added time running and # marks collected to console output version 1.3 01/16/2016 -fixed time running, # marks collected -changed antiban design and the way it is run (runs a syncrhonized method on a thread) version 2.0 01/17/2016 -Redid state logic for expansions -Run toggling -click/action confirmation check (not tested 100%) version 2.1 01/23/2016 -improved markCheck() to attempt to fix a bug version 2.2 01/30/2016 -random camera angle at starting obstacle -paint progress version 3.0 10/15/2016 -added draynor, varrock support -added ui version 3.1 11/25/2016 +added debug info +added xp afk check version 3.2 11/27/2016 +added seers' village support +added eating version 3.3 12/4/2016 +fixed varrock bug Progress Reports v 1.2 Gained: 36950 Marks : 0 Time run: 00:00 (had a bug getting correct time run output) v 1.3 Gained XP: 36770 Marks collected: 18 Time run: 2:7:3 v 1.3 Gained XP: 28145 Marks collected: -80 (has a bug here) Time run: 2:7:4 v 3.0 Known bugs +attempts to dismiss random on unreachable area +bad mark of grace locations +antiban collides with actions