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  1. I will be uploading a new Wilderness Looter, which will loot the items that are dropped on the ground. It's good for moneymaking on level 3 accounts. Probably 3/21/19 it will be uploaded.
  2. 50 str pure accounts( 1/50/1) 50 def pure accounts( 1/1/50). 60/60/60. They have no offenses and no email registered. You can contact me by answering this thread, pm or discord Gandalf#1517
  3. The script will pick up trouts and salmons at the Barbarian fishing spot and will take the loot to the Edgeville bank. Start the script at Edgeville bank or at Barbarian fishing spot. The inventory MUST be empty. I will be adding some antiban in the near future.
  4. 15/5/2019 Added picking up feathers from north Lumbridge as a moneymaking method ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23/1/2018 | V 1.7| Added Jug filler as "MoneyMaker" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10/1/2018 | V1.6 | Added Willow to the possibilities --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9/1/2018 | V1.5 | Added the possibility to kill guards at south varrock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/1/2018 | V1.4 | Added chicken killer in north Lumbridge as a possibility. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/1/2018 | v1.3 | Added moneymaking method (Mining clay) and banking them at varrock west bank. Updated GUI, better look. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/1/2018 | V1.2 | Added trout/salmon fishing. You need to have feathers and a fly fishing rod in your inventory. Updated GUI. THE SCRIPT WILL DO EVERYTHING, YOU DONT HAVE TO MOVE THE PLAYER BETWEEN PLACES. Check that you have your pickaxe, small fishing net and a axe in your inventory. In case you use the trout/salmon, you will need a fly fishing rod and feathers in your inventory. Start it at south Lumbridge between the mining zone and the fishing zone There will be two windows, one to select if you want to mine,cut or fish and other to select the antiban you want. Graphics: Catches/ ores mined Experience gained Time passed Levels gained Antiban: Camera Check fishing Sleep for random Check and uncheck xp data COMING FEATURES: Better antiban GUI image: Pictures: