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Chris's Feedback

  1. Yellow Hat left Positive feedback   

    Managed my sticky threads for a few months, always coherent and willing to help. Will always choose him as my #1. Thanks again brother, Yellow Hat

    Chris was The Seller

  2. Yellow Hat left Positive feedback   

    Processed my sticky threads for the last 3 months. Thanks A1 support. YH

    Chris was The Seller

  3. daily left Positive feedback   

    nice Client support. :)

    Chris was The Seller

  4. rainyday97 left Positive feedback   

    Masterchopper script is awesome

    Chris was The Seller

  5. mpet mpet left Positive feedback   

    Amazing Client support!

    Chris was Trading

  6. Casper left Positive feedback   

    Did some web development for me! :D

    Chris was The Seller

  7. twlero left Positive feedback   

    Sold amazon giftcard, A++

    Chris was Trading

  8. LuckyGP left Positive feedback   

    very very nice guy !! i will use him again ! thank you for the nice service mate. <3

    Chris was The Seller

  9. twlero left Positive feedback   

    Sold 30 pounds worth of giftcards, A+ as usually.

    Chris was The Seller

  10. twlero left Positive feedback   

    Sold 5 pound giftcard A+

    Chris was Trading

  11. twlero left Positive feedback   

    Sold 20$ Giftcard. Went really smooth and fast, A+

    Chris was Trading

  12. 6IX9INE left Positive feedback   

    Responds very fast with support in pm ! Great guy. quite busy

    Chris was The Seller

  13. lukis7670 left Positive feedback   

    Very nice and kind person, really helpful :)

    Chris was The Seller

  14. billy61300 left Positive feedback   

    Though I haven't actually chatted with Chris, from the forum threads I have read, he somehow pops up on my screen with very helpful information towards other members of the forum. Out of many members, I'd say he is practically the most active, helpful, and downright best administrator on the server hands down, no offense to other staff. I also give this man a one thousand out of ten. Also, just to put this out there, but that content count is astonishing. Twenty thousand thumbs up.

    Chris was The Seller

  15. dabombkiler2 left Positive feedback   

    I remember seeing chris back around when i joined and glad to see he is still around, hes a great help, fast and reliable, thanks man.

    Chris was The Seller

  16. manuelc0 left Positive feedback   

    I help myself, and respond quickly, very good admin and reliable

    Chris was The Seller

  17. Alejandromedina left Positive feedback   

    Muy buen ejemplo al dar respuestas... Dios te bendiga grandemente...

    Chris was The Seller

  18. Alva left Positive feedback   

    Sold him an account with 85 fletching, <3

    Chris was Trading

  19. zubberos left Positive feedback   

    Quick to help along with other admins!

    Chris was The Seller

  20. Cody Williamson left Positive feedback   

    Great guy; helped me when I purchased the wrong thing.

    Chris was The Seller

  21. itscolinmac left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, always around to help and answer questions!

    Chris was The Seller

  22. OfficialBanks left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, sent him a socket set, all paid up :)

    Chris was The Seller

  23. Ndcint_one left Positive feedback   

    Excellent response time and fixed my problem amazing!

    Chris was The Seller

  24. cheerzmate left Positive feedback   

    great communication, everything went smooth:) thanks alot for the account Chris!

    Chris was The Seller

  25. Tango Beatz left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the help. Please let me know when everything is ready to go 👌😁👍

    Chris was Trading