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  1. Refunded, please use the contact form in future for a faster response.
  2. Try a different script
  3. if you can't add scripts, and you're adding them for the correct game version, then your adblocker or other extension is blocking it
  5. These issues should be reported to their respective authors on their designated support topics. We maintain the client, the scripts are written by individual developers.
  6. the error should have a number next to it
  7. Chris

    vip doesn't work

    vip does not give access to paid scripts, it just lets you bot for longer

    You have an important message in your tray.

  9. he hasn't accused you of scamming
  10. You don't have negative feedback
  11. It's not really documented anywhere but it's a property, if you set it to true it will not activate the login handler"login.disable", "true");