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  1. jagexappletviewer is created by RuneScape, not RSBot. RSBot launches RuneScape and attaches itself as a javaagent.j
  2. Awesome thanks. Only thing noticed Didn't click the flashing settings icon by itself, had to do that manually for it to continue Got stuck with the bank open, closed manually to continue Didn't click the flashing "account guide" tab itself, clicked manually to continue As above with friends tab I have made a push to add account management to RSBot so that should be in the next release, however friends and options do not seem broken in the API
  3. You can install JDK 6 too if you wish but it shouldn't be required and likely won't run RSBot
  4. This is a connection issue, you may try disabling firewall/antivirus/internet security
  5. Chris

    Removal of Requested Ban

    I have unbanned this account for you
  6. If you're using a proxy or VPN turn that off
  7. Chris

    paid for script

    The product is on your account
  8. You need 8, if you're on the latest you'll be on 12 I believe. Additionally you need JDK not JRE despite the message. Google JDK 8 and download that.
  9. Hi guys, Since I released my videos you have collectively watched over 4000 hours of them on youtube, and I have got many messages saying how much they helped. The videos were directed to new programmers, and I want this to remain. I want very beginners to be able to start from video 1 and work their way up to being confident to create their own scripts that they can then release. If you learnt from my previous videos, what did you find useful, what did you find bad, what did you think should have been there? Did you think they were divided up well and presented well? I intend to remove these old videos and release new ones in their place in the near future. I am just awaiting some pending client changes before I start. Any input would be appreciated. curent vids:
  10. NMZ script is on your account as you tried again and it was successful, the attempt prior to that was not successful and no charge was taken.
  11. Same as all systems, the run config does not change
  12. Your payment was denied this morning, your money was never taken.