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  1. Do what you said but specify object types and not all objects (i.e boundary objects) so you reduce how many objects you will be checking
  2. put it this way the chance of it being black black black black black black black and it being black black black black black black red are the same and it's the same as betting black red black black red black red this makes it clearer I think, betting on a sequence is not the same as betting on an individual spin
  3. your chances of losing if you say "I bet $650 black wont come up 7 times in a row" is 0.1% or whatever but your chances of losing $160 or $320 (whichever the 7th bet is) is 50% like I say if you want to do it then feel free, i enjoy roulette like this but blackjack has similar odds and just feels a lot more fun because you are in control
  4. nah because you are still betting on each individual spin and not the 7 as a whole 7 bets doubling from $10 is also going to end up over at $1270, so by the 7th spin you'd be risking $640 to profit $10 have fun at the casino, but don't try bring strategy into it like this play some blackjack, thats a lot of fun and is just as good odds
  5. If Coma is correct with 0.01174 this does not mean by the 7th spin that's your chance of not getting black now, your chance is still 0.47 The only way it becomes 0.01174 is if you're betting prior that black will not show up after 7 rolls that said when I used to do online gambling I'd wait for 5-6 red/blacks in a row then bet on the opposite and keep doubling till I won, but it's a shit system and doesn't really work any better than joining a random table and throwing it on a random colour
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    just sniped this domain

    in short no they cant do anything
  9. Clear jagex cache then reduce graphics settings before logging in
  10. Chris

    just sniped this domain

    unless he uses the site for something that competes with tinychat, or pretends to be tinychat, I dont think there is any issue considering they only own .com and no other I dont think they would pay you anything
  11. Clearing the cache and changing graphics should fix this, minimum graphics may be the wrong phrase - more just play with the different settings (opengl, directx) etc.
  12. Sorry for the delay, what is your new email? You're also connected via twitter if you wish to log in that way
  13. Use the contact form and give reasoning and it will be reviewed