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  1. Chris

  2. Chris

    Solving scam case

    @Inkeep you can't post as a guest as that could be anyone impersonating you.
  3. If you mean logging into the game then please clear your jagex cache and lower your graphics settings prior to logging in
  4. Chris

    OSRS Quick Miner

    everything common should be supported, the clay was just overlooked when I made this
  5. Chris

    Sn1ky Appeal

    Sorry for the delay in this, your account has been unbanned
  6. Chris

    OSRS Quick Miner

    it does not support clay in varrock
  7. Less than 1% of payments get audited, it is only payments that are more than likely fraudulent based on several factors. Your account is currently VIP so you should be able to use the VIP and the script.
  8. Please use the contact form and you will receive a response within 24 hours
  9. Where did you cancel it, and do you want to buy vip?
  10. Chris


    it runs the same providing you have the requirements (legacy client + java)
  11. You can't use authenticated proxies, we recommend VPNs if you must mask your IP
  12. They have not yet replied. Yoshiki can hold your refund if you wish.
  13. Chris

    Sn1ky Appeal

    OP please post if you're active