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  1. If you pay by card this will auto renew, you will get an email before and after this happens, and it can be cancelled via manage purchases. I have refunded this and cancelled any further renews.
  2. Chris

  3. It is more cpu usage than anything, you can alter game settings to be as easy on your cpu as possible but until we look into low cpu mode there won't be much difference.
  4. Just bought revs script by mistake, wanted to buy zulrah one, can you switch it please?

    1. cesareal


      nvm I just refunded it myself, going to buy the zulrah one now

    2. Chris


      How did you self refund?

  5. Scripts are monthly yes, yours expired 9 hours ago
  6. Your RSBot login (the bot) is viewable at
  7. Chris

    BOT outdatet

    I misread, pls try clearing temp files though error reading server files likely means firewall/antivirus/adware is blocking the connection
  8. Please report script issues on the scripts designated topic
  9. Chris

    BOT outdatet

    you need java 8, not 10
  10. Chris

    Runechat are cool

    Can't wait to meet them then
  11. Chris

    I bought VIP

    Log out of RSBot and back in and the message about you not being VIP should not appear when you start a script
  12. You may have to wait until the next day