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  1. Chris

    Gaffarro Unban Appeal

    It was about 50 USD would be the right amount, any charity is fine
  3. the new release has a hotfix for this, we are still working on something more reliable
  5. We are awarenn bin of this and trying to pinpoint the error
  6. RSBot 8.1 After countless issues caused by incorrect Java versions we decided the best option was for us to finally ensure everyone had the right version without actually needing them to do anything. So, welcome to RSBot 8.1! RSBot 8.1 includes a sleek black theme, but also comes bundled with the perfect version of Java, the version we use to develop RSBot. So you can be sure that everything will work exactly how we developed it to. As a user this does not really change anything for you, however you will be able to benefit from our client using an up to date version of Java which in turn will allow us to develop much better features. Unsure of how to use RSBot? Are you a developer, or want to be? Here's an updated IDE set-up:
  7. You don't need 1.8 anymore, as of yesterday you do not need java on your system. Download the windows or mac version from and simply run it
  8. Chris

    Gaffarro Unban Appeal

    We have no way of contacting questguy and I doubt we ever will as I don't know anyone that has heard from him since he left. I will discuss with other staff but I believe a contribution to charity for the amount would be fair. Is this something you'd be willing to do?
  9. Chris

    Unban appeal

  10. replied to your email
  11. If you don’t remember the username or email we also won’t be able to find the account
  12. Chris

    Unban appeal

    Your appeal is granted and your account will be reinstated tomorrow.
  13. I also replied to your email yesterday.
  14. Chris

    Unban appeal

    You should have a reply tomorrow