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  1. My favourite place was Berlin because I really liked the atmosphere of the city and the people were really cool 256
  2. Jamal

    AFK only slayer.

    Why would you do this
  3. Jamal

    Can i get a refund on a prem script?

    You can get a refund yourself if you go to the orders page and you bought it within the last 48 hours
  4. Jamal

    i'm a little drunk and nostalgic

    Wow this is fucked but I like it
  5. Jamal

    Your worst hang over ?

    Liked this girl so much that I went to my 9am class after clubbing the night before and nearly threw up so I had to leave class to get water
  6. Jamal


    gay of gays
  7. I'm gonna shank you as soon as you leave Heathrow
  8. Jamal

    my ex finally moved out

    Girls use so much toilet paper
  9. Jamal

    [member=Paris] is getting married

  10. Jamal

    The BMWx5M ^.^

    Please buy me an m2
  11. Jamal

    What is everyone friday night plans?

    Chill with girl
  12. Jamal

    Feedback removal