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  1. a joint of weed is said to have something like 200% more tar than a single cigarette, don't quote me on that though


    also it takes about a month for short-term memory to get better after smoking pot, it may differ for others but that's usually about the tim frame for me..



    unfortunately I smoke cigarettes and it's the worst,most addicting and disgusting habit ever!

  2. Assembly and binary are different things.

    ya I just found this out, and what's fucked up is my VB instructor in college portrayed us to think it was

    thank you for corecting me though :laugh:


    it won't be fun, and I will need the luck I'm sure. I've heard the course is hard as fuck, and the only professors for it are just brutal.

    ahh, I liked C..

    assembly though I'm not sure about, but from my brisk knowledge about low-level programming languages it's not fun..


    nvm.. just started reading a tut to get a better idea of what assembly actually is, I like :)



    may wanna check this out to get a head start..

  3. thanks for that important info Coma, guess I'll be addin my anti-pattern method to my flax script after all


    @Farmer's comments on suggestions for anti-pattern


    anything to do with chat is usually always a bad idea, if someone suspects you're a botter and you're responding with common responses, people will try to fool your system to intentionally get it to mess up


    also some other pointers to add!


    randomize everything, interactions with objects, npc's and what ever else you may be clicking(as in randomized sorting)

    also, randomize your paths


    and my favorite

    making a class of your own to do random actions when you want it to

    for eaxmple when the player is idle.

    some good actions are random mouse movement, opening some Tabs, could try random walking.. bit more difficult


    but ya that's a quick sum up of anti-pattern measures




    are the mouse randomizations for interaction points gonna be removed?

  4. if you get acid that has a lot of strychnine in it you will most likely have a bad trip and it hurts your back...

    that's way it's best to be careful where you get your LSD


    I care more about the impact of the current mind set that teens have. I've seen the effects of teens believing the pro lies.  My aunt and her husband have always believed there are no negative effects from weed, and as such they have given their children weed whenever they wanted after they turned 12. Needless to say both of my cousins believe that Weed is completely harm proof.


    Now imagine if the accepted mind set is like that. People will just go out and purchase weed for their brothers/sisters or what not. Now we have kids being given drugs that were legally sold but not actually taught negative effects. 

    I totally agree on that agrument and also believe there should definately and age limit, not only due to the possibilities of the "theories" you presented but also to keep kids from feeling pressured into using to "fit-in" since for some it is a social drug..

    MDMA doesnt put holes in your spine/brain either... the only harm from mdma is serotonin syndrome, which can cause non permanent bain damage (can be permanent but requires major abuse to the point it would be pointless to abuse because of low serotonin levels....)


    LSD does not cause any physical damage and the only causes mental health problems in the mentally unhealthy. 

    I dont take acid that I dont know is good, im not stupid. Also that is a myth, most things that arent acid that are sold as acid are 25x and DOx, both of them are worse for you then acid. 25x is pretty much poison, DOx is not researched enough.

    awesome, I don't do enough acid to really care..

    but when I do I know who made it and that they are not trying to kill me and know what they're doing



    but I have heard some things "mainly" about strychnine which I've done some research on.. rat poison



    @Lucky Star  it was cool chatting with ya, and liked the info on the studies you presented happy.png


    later guys

  5. my mother has fibromyalgia and has always been against any drug including marijuana, she got kocked out when she tryed it by here sis when she was a teenager...


    but like a year ago I got her to smoke it and she said it did actually help start to aleve her pain

    and that's great, she has to take atleast 2-3 vicodin(hydrocodone) during the day and an oxycodone to try and sleep

    which doesn't help most of the time anyway


    now I'm sure you can tell why I'm so passionate about this drug



    if you get acid that has a lot of strychnine in it you will most likely have a bad trip and it hurts your back...

    that's way it's best to be careful where you get your LSD

  6. It's still much better than the myth spread by celebrities and pro-marijuana members that the drug only has positive effects. Just as there is anti-marijuana lies being spread there are also pro-marijuana lies being spread.

    yep, mostly due to people not caring what the true facts are nd just wanting there weed!


    me IDC whether I'm using at the time or not.. I know a lot of people that actually benefit from the use

  7. @V4Victory

    very good point.. it does kill the lungs..


    @Lucky Star

    ya I noticed it, I went over all of those links you provided, which is why I explained a little about my personal experience

    it trumps there "theories" not facts


    and besides when you have a chemical imbalance within the body it takes time for it to kick back(balance out) to how it normally works


    I also know quite a bit about neurology and biology, I'm a science fanatic..

  8. hmm, so you do keep up with studys, nice!


    well I can tell you from first-hand experience, you do kinda become dependent on it, but not addicted like other drugs


    I use to smoke all-day everyday, by choice since I had no real reason to quit...

    almost 2 months ago, I had to stop, since I was starting some new jobs working in IT


    I've quit before,no big deal.. (there are side-effects from quitting) most do not know that..


    right now I am squeaky clean and have no problem being around my freinds while they're smoking and not getting those strong urges :)


    any other brain affects like, short-term memory and slowed motor skills only happen while your cannabanoids are balancing back out

    I don't believe there is much research on this, been awhile but this is mostly my own speculation, believe me or not that's your choice

    If you go to any college with a big greek system there is almost no party you can't go to where chicks will deny drugs or alcohol. I once saw like a 15 year old girl at a college party drinking.. As always I'm not an asshole and offered to walk her home cuz she looked like shit shortly after... 

    what a gentlemen you are :laugh:



    ya it's bad like that here, I started drinking at 15 and quit before I was 21

    I've had my fun..

    I'm sure most people have heard of where I live due to the mass amount of meth user/cooks here

  9. Well you'd have to be a dumb bitch to take a drink from a random guy so ain't my fault.

    Besides, ain't my taste in sluts but few of my friends were messing around and actually gave a girl a mixed drink one time =/

    where I live people love to go clubing/bar hoppin
    , not me


    but I could see some stupid bitch having it done to..

  10. Just slip it into a drink and enjoy the ride. If you're too pusy than just give it to a random girl at a party.


    lol wow that's messed up man :/


    nvm misread your post.. thought you said slip it into someones drink..