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  1. Pinkie


    I managed 1 99, abt 50qps (would have been more, but my questing bot was glitching) and like 90 firemaking from wt before being banned this time, so it took them a while to find me edit: oh and none of my stats were legit, the moment I found that I got unbanned I went straight to botting 12 hours a day for a full week
  2. Pinkie


    They quashed my perm banned for botting, the least I could do was bot again
  3. they can do whatever they like, ive gotten 2 day and perm bans for botting the same exact skills on identical accounts (not goldfarming accounts)
  4. I've been banned before and perm muted before for botting and talking about powerbot over rs chats I'm just suprised I've made it to 97 cooking so far on an account with a history of botting in osrs and rs3 I botted to 2.1k total in rs3 before i switched to osrs, then got banned for botting in osrs
  5. I've botted 12 hours a day for the past 3 days. will hopefully get 99 by today. will probably get perma'd again following the 99 we'll see!
  6. My main which got banned in 2013 and unbanned this year is back to botting! already 92 cooking with 99 banked!
  7. Pinkie

    talking to women

    farther than I normally get with woman
  8. Pinkie

    New laptop

    I’d like something that can still play modern video games on steam. I don’t need the best graphics, but I’d like better than the minimum
  9. Pinkie

    New laptop

    Need a new laptop since my desktop is taking up most of my living room and my wife isn’t too thrilled about it. Havent been looking at laptops recently, so what’s good out there under $1500?
  10. my main that got banned 7 years ago for botting is now unbanned... I'm already botting again on it.
  11. jagex has caught about 5 or so accounts within the first week of botting on them, I've used new IP's and everything. depending on what you are going to bot you may get banned fast, or you may not
  12. Depends on what you’re doing and it’s pretty high
  13. did not know that, normally when I get banned I just restart and bot again