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  1. IdfCARE

    Guess who this is

    idunno just dropped by
  2. IdfCARE

    Guess who this is

    You've lost your mind
  3. All osrs servers are offline rn but yeah tnx anyways 🙂 brittain in lockdown so might be a little slower kek
  4. I cant find it 😞 is it safe to bot? kind of new to this whole thing
  5. The game had a update today, any thread that can verify the client updating process. I had to download a new client for it to work, did it allready update? im hesitant to bot on my main rn at the bottom it says this: "We're trialling a solution to the log-in issues some players have been experiencing. You may see a slightly slower log-in process during this trial, but it shouldn't impact your in-game experience." its taking longer to log in for sure. Sorry if this is the wrong section.