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  1. Found out what the problem was. Whilst using hotkeys to compile scripts I forgot to compile Constants script which contained walk path.
  2. Hello. Looking for help again. Tried fixing it myself tried looking ways around, ended up messing everything up. Maybe someone here can help. Problem is I am getting Whenever I try to compile script done by following tutorial Ill link the video at bottom of topic. Sorry about variable difference, just trying to make it more demanding on understanding more than rewriting.
  3. Thank you very much. Ill post all the settings I ended up with just in case that can help anyone.
  4. Hello. Tried to follow rsbot tutorial on youtube as I found out its pretty outdated in terms of setting up Intellij had to spend hours to figure out how to set it up so it launches the game. after that I ran into another problem my local scripts are not showing up. ill put in some screenshots and maybe someone can help me and point out what i have done wrong.