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  1. dw had to restart pc it's all fix now haha, just in middle of making one
  2. its just not setting up i know java, just cant seem to set the bot up so i can make my own
  3. i cant seem to make my own scripts or in fact set this up so i can start, but i can do easy autoit script's undetectable, why isnt this working for me i have almost done everything so i can script for this powerbot
  4. Thebeattz

    Wuggy Miner

    add banking and lum and we will have a decent bot
  5. i get an error code 02:48 Startup: RSBot/7114 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) Java/1.8.0_231 [#6; 683 MiB] RSBot: illegal option -- RuneScape