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  1. *Insert Image from URL is not accepting this for some reason* When first starting the bot, the options are very easy to understand and setting it up is fast. Within the first few minutes of watching it work, the blue box on where is being clicked is a great non-intrusive way to show that detail. The stats GUI is clean, functional and informative. A quick glance lets you know exactly how the bot is running. Sometimes there does seem to be a problem with selecting attack on a chicken that is moving. Clicks chase the chicken around until the chicken stops, then it's able to right click select to attack. Unfortunately I got disconnected both times I ran it after about an hour and a half of running time. However, both play throughs worked well and my character went from level 3 and having only tutorial island gear to above 20 melee stats, level 8 prayer and about 3000 feathers to sell.