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  1. any rough estimates pls?
  2. At the same time though they can focus more on updating bots etc and avoid more bans
  3. Hope so mate all I did was bot 87-91 divination lmao never had a previous offence and it was insta perm :(
  4. Oh shit really? I got banned like 6 years ago for my first offence and it's not even on the list of perm ban stuff, might try my luck was nearly maxed :c
  5. Acc 1: 1 def pure 60 att 76 str 76 range, 85 mage,72 hp, 43 pray, mith gloves, all hftd books, ovr 1k total acc 2: 1 def pure, 50 att, 52 str, 65 range, 73 mage, dt done, mith gloves, zamorak halo, 70 cons for pool acc 3: Ex iron(has 75 att 70 def so could be a barrows pure),104 cb, 70 prayer(piety unlocked) 99 fm, 95 str, nearly 1800 total, full rogues, d defender, g bloves, fire cape, torso. arclight mage arena 2 cloak, 2 quests from quest cape(new ones), nearly all hard diaries done, 2 pets, dark claw. acc 4: 39 def(quested a bit to become a zerk) 70 att, 76 str, 75 range, 77 mage, 52 pray, 75 craft, 66 slay, rune pouch, f cape and anchor.
  6. thx for the guide pretty nooby when it comes to this
  7. I've always found it's random some days I have had a temp ban and then on a different account I botted for about 2 hours and recieved a perm