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  1. Hey Nom. In the cave I'm having a similar issue. The script runs far east like you said and will continue to make that same trip over and over while the crabs are aggressive after the first trip. The one issue with the spot you picked is that it is kind of far out of the way. If it is at all possible to allow the script to go from spot at the crabs to the eastern spot with the high level crabs for just a few seconds it should make the crabs re aggressive during entry in the western room. Either that or going up and down the western ladder would give the same result. So in summary you fixed the issue but that fix caused additional issues. Please help. Thank you
  2. Thank you so much! I just saw the change. It does go east but it has done so 4 times in a row when the crabs have attacked after the first time.
  3. Keeps failing to go up the ladder in the crabclaw caves. It seems to work fine up until the crabs become un-aggressive. Once they do it will run to the ladder and then back to the room with crabs over and over until the crabs become aggressive again. If it were to go up the ladder or go into the next room to the east it (allowing the crabs to attack there) and then running back to the western room it would simplify the process greatly. Any tips? Thank you