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  1. Honestly this sounds absolutely horrible and wouldn't be something I'd be interested in doing unless I was being paid a lot!
  2. My ONLY discord: buyinghcacc#4095 UID: 613820437297627155 ALWAYS CHECK UID BEFORE TALKING AND ON SITE PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I'm a very efficient OldSchool RS player, in fact a rank 1-5 ex HCIM. I prefer playing ironman but happy to do main stuff, I can do pretty much anything for the right price, it has to be worth my time. I don't stoop to doing things for a 'low price' if you can find it better elsewhere then please go there, I will always be the quickest and if the service requires efficiency, my service will always come out on top of anybody else. I have sold 25 + accounts off site and have over $5k in vouches. I have of course spent more time on other sites until I found powerbot. 65-70 smith for @Shepherd99 56-60 thiev for @Shepherd99 My Tos 1. I will never bot your account it will be hand trained. 2. Must change password after service. 3. I am not responsible for any offences during or after the service. 4. Must leave feedback. 5. I can deny your request of service if it isn't to my liking. 6. The password for your account should be a temp password and not something you've ever used anywhere else before. 7. I will not do a service if you have auth enabled. 8. I will take pictures of the value on your account when I start the service for my own safety, please remove all valuables before I start a service and have materials needed ready.
  3. Sorry man was sleeping and away from pc, add my discord man I have that oepn all the time but not powerbot. buyinghcacc#4095