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  1. Hello all, I will be buying Wintertodt ready HARDCORE IRONMAN ONLY. The accounts must have membership and will need membership to create regardless. Below is a very detailed and the most efficient way possible of creating the accounts I desire, please read EVERY word, if the accounts are not complete to this standard I am not interested. I DO NOT WANT BOTTED ACCOUNTS, ONLY HAND TRAINED. I AM LOOKING FOR A LOT OF THESE ACCOUNTS, I AM SEARCHING FOR THE CORRECT PERSON WHO DOES NOT MESS AROUND AND COMPLETES THESE ACCOUNTS AS FAST AND EFFICIENTLY AS POSSIBLE, THE FASTER YOU MAKE THEM THE MORE YOU MAKE, I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO WORK WITH FOR A LONG TIME! ENDING STATS OF AN ACCOUNT 47 WOODCUTING 50 FIREMAKING 32 THIEV (600 CAKES/28 SILK) 12 CONSTRUCTION 10 FLETCHING 5 ATTACK MONKS FRIEND QUEST COMPLETED PRICE PER ACCOUNT = 30M 07 GP (THIS INCLUDES THE PRICE OF A BOND WHICH YOU WILL PAY FOR PER ACCOUNT.) TERMS OF SERVICE 1. YOU WILL RETURN THE ACCOUNT TO ME WITH NO LESS THAN 10 DAYS MEMBERSHIP, IF THE ACCOUNT HAS LESS THAN 10 DAYS YOU WILL RE BOND THE ACCOUNT 2. YOU WILL BOND THE ACCOUNT(S) 3. BY MESSAGING ME AND STARTING A SERVICE FOR ME YOU AUTOMATICALLY AGREE TO MY TERMS OF SERVICE 4. IF YOU TAKE LONGER THAN OUR AGREED TIME FRAME YOU WILL FULLY REFUND ME + BONDS 5. IF YOU DIE ON AN ACCOUNT YOU WILL FULLY REFUND ME + BONDS 6. IF I HAVE PROOF YOU HAVE BOTTED AN ACCOUNT YOU WILL FULLY REFUND ME + BONDS 7. IF THE ACCOUNT(S) GAIN ANY OFFENCES FROM THE MOMENT YOU START TILL THE END WHEN YOU RETURN IT TO ME, YOU WILL FULLY REFUND ME + BONDS 8. YOU WILL USE THE GUIDE I HAVE MADE AS IT'S THE MOST FAST AND EFFICIENT POSSIBLE WAY OF MAKING THESE ACCOUNTS, IF YOU DON'T AND THE ACCOUNT IS RETURNED TO ME NOT FULLY COMPLETED YOU WILL REFUND ME 30M 07. PRICE PER ACCOUNT = 30M 07 GP I will create the accounts, give you the details, you put membership on the account and train it. Willing to go first but I'd appreciate if you would go first so I can get some vouches under my belt I assure you using this written guide is the best and they do not take long at all to make. useful links for the guide Monk's Friend Clue hunter outfit Veos Ardougne Baker's Stall Lever (Edgeville) Silk merchant Barbarian Outpost When returning these accounts to me I'd like you to show me pictures that all this has been completed, EVERY detail before It's returned to me. Please read carefully as I have kindly made this efficient guide. Bare in mind if you miss anything in the guide it will not only stop me buying the account but, you will also take LONGER to create said account(s) If it hasn't completed with every step I do NOT want to purchase the account(s) from you. If you struggle on any step the osrs wiki is your friend and you can ask me. **********************GUIDE STARTS HERE************************* When choosing the rsn for the account on tutorial island please make it 'HC insertwordhere' log in and complete tut island and get membership. MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER TO MAKE YOURSELF A HARDCORE IRONMAN BY SPEAKING TO PAUL AT THE END OF TUT ISLAND. spawn in lumbridge from tut island Thiev men till you've used your bread, shrimp and you're 1hp. Pick up knife and empty jug in cooks kitchen, fill jug with water. go to the top of lumbridge castle bank jug of water, keep knife and tinder box, bank rest of stuff. get 10 fletch/15 fm at lumb top bank (log spawn & hops worlds) PICK UP 1 LOG BEFORE LEAVING AND BANK IT, THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR MONKS FRIEND UNLESS YOU KEEP A BRONZE AXE IN YOUR BANK WHICH YOU WILL NEVER USE IF YOU KEEP THIS LOG. SPEAK TO BANKER AND REMOVE BANK PIN THAT YOU HAD TO SET TO BECOME A HARDCORE IRONMAN, I WILL NOT BUY ACCOUNTS WITH BANK PINS SET. Withdraw shrimp and bread go back downstairs to the bottom floor of the castle Finish off getting 5 thiev on men in lumbridge buy steel axe from bob with gp from men (200gp) (25gp in bank from tut island) walk to varrock, use the path behind the farm to avoid dark wizards and CAREFULLY walk through varrocks south entrance get a spade from the spawn upstairs inside general store go to the varrock dummy and get 5 attack and equip your steel axe (you will never need to use a bronze axe) walk to edgeville and hit the wilderness lever twice to get to ardy (you already know what I'm going to say....) empty inv at bank, steal 600 cakes and bank them, drop the bread and chocolate cake to bank cakes faster. (get 28 silk at 20 thiev and bank it) STAND ON TOP OF THE BAKER AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ATTACKED withdraw spade when banking last inv of cake get 2 clue hunter pieces from ardy location near moss giants (BE CAREFUL) go barb outpost and get 56 planks from the spawn near the agility course (BE CAREFUL OF MOSS GIANTS YOU CAN WALK OUTSIDE OF THEIR AGRO RANGE BY THE RIVER) bank at barb outpost after the last 28 planks and withdraw 28 silk, walk to ardy market and sell silk to merchant for 60 coins each (CHOOSE THE 120GP EACH OPTION FIRST IN THE CHAT DIALOUGE THEN 60 WHEN HE OFFERS 50, DO NOT GET THIS WRONG OR YOU WILL NEED MORE SILK AND ANOTHER 20 MINS BEFORE YOU CAN SELL TO HIM, THIS GP IS VERY IMPORTANT) go back to the bank and withdraw a jug of water, steel axe, tinder box and 1 regular log, if you forgot to pick up a regular log back in lumbridge and still have your bronze axe cut 1, you wont be able to use the steel axe till after monks friend, complete monks friend quest. get 35 wc/fm at the monks friend area (x2 2 oak tree's and plenty of regular trees) tele castle wars with minigame teleport and bank everything but your steel axe, tinderbox and withdraw a spade get 1 clue hunter piece from yanille location walk back to castle wars and get 50fm at teak trees (near the fairy ring/chompy killing location) tele to lumb with home tele and walk to varrock bank and withdraw coins, go to varrock estate agent and buy a house in rimmington for 1000gp, pick up saw inside his house. Walk to varrock sawmill and buy 250-260 bronze nails (you need 171gp to un note planks on phials in rimmington so save this) walk back to varrock and buy a hammer from the general store and bank at varrock west bank. Withdraw x34 noted planks, x22 un noted planks, keep hammer, saw nails, spade and remaining gp in inv which should be 171gp for un noting with phials. head towards barbarian village, turn left after crossing the bridge and head south towards the back of draynor manor and cut through to rimmington by walking in between the manors fence and falador's wall, cut through the herb patch and cabbage field and be careful of highway men. Continue walking to rim house portal enter and use planks for 12 construction making chairs, make bookcases at lvl 4 and chairs when you have less than 4 planks left, phials can be found in the general store next to the portal, use the noted stack of planks on him after using the first inventory inside you poh. walk east and a little north from poh portal to veos @ port sarim docks and travel to port pisc go shayzien location for last clue hunter piece (careful of cubs and bears) walk through arceuus city and the liabary to wintertodt and log out (take the path near the CIS fairy ring (DO NOT TAKE THE ROUTE WITH WOLVES, YOU WILL DIE)
  2. title. looking for the perfect wt hc that has fletched all the roots, has trained construction before starting todt (lvl20), repaired braziers along the way to 99fm and has banked all 600+ crates with nothing else done in the game. no email set