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  1. loud kush pack left Positive feedback   

    got 50m from him.. will be using again +++

    Chicks was The Seller

  2. nomonada left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Buying osrs GOLD.
    Bought 55m on their website in under 5 minutes. Fast and Friendly, No G2A garbage. Has own payment portal.

    Chicks was The Seller

  3. megawcpure left Positive feedback   

    he refunded me now.

    Chicks was The Seller

  4. megawcpure left Negative feedback   

    Bought 30m no problem at all. Then I bought another 40m, suddenly ID is required and my refund would take 3 business days. (wasnt notified on this beforehand, I was prompted to put another order in.)

    Chicks was The Seller

  5. Work Mule left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Buying OSRS GP
    Still not sure about the whole ID verification -.- Good response time and friendly customer service.

    Chicks was The Seller

  6. Shazia left Positive feedback   

    sold him gpies via web

    Chicks was Trading

  7. Lil Frank left Positive feedback   

    Chicks gold has great service!

    Chicks was The Seller

  8. Manslaught3r left Positive feedback for a topic   

  9. Slimeseason17 left Positive feedback   

    Vouch sold me 500m!

    Chicks was Trading

  10. BNN left Positive feedback   


    Chicks was The Seller

  11. 6IX9INE left Positive feedback   

    Vouch bought 1b 07

    Chicks was The Seller

  12. Aaronk22 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 11m via paypal from lucas he was amazing 10/10 recommmend chicks gold! thankyou!!!

    Chicks was The Seller

  13. Aaronk22 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 21m! James was great 10/10 recommend chicks gold!

    Chicks was The Seller

  14. luffyduffy left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy purchase, answered all my questions!

    Chicks was The Seller

  15. Scott kurack left Positive feedback   

    Great my goto site

    Chicks was The Seller

  16. CrownRentals left Positive feedback   

    sold osrs gold easy transaction thanks!

    Chicks was Trading

  17. iDropped Him left Positive feedback   

    always quick and smooth here

    Chicks was The Seller

  18. Swell1 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Bought 500m 07

    Chicks was The Seller

  19. Aaronk22 left Positive feedback   

    Chris was great purchased 40m 07!

    Chicks was The Seller

  20. iDropped Him left Positive feedback   

    bought nother 100m always fast and smooth

    Chicks was The Seller

  21. iDropped Him left Positive feedback   

    shouout Ember for always being so nice and brightening my day at CHICKS gold!!!!!

    Chicks was The Seller

  22. Grace Tett left Positive feedback   

    +rep used them for the first time and it was smooth sailing! will be using them again

    Chicks was The Seller

  23. Brendon Vallery left Positive feedback   

    Easiest gold buying site out there !!! Bought over 500m in past great site. Reliable and very fast and nice.

    Chicks was The Seller

  24. Warriorslayer left Positive feedback   

    Man I tell you what, ive used this service quite a few times, always respectable. Fast delivery. An shout out to my man Chris! ty you guys again!

    Chicks was The Seller

  25. Nick Drozd left Positive feedback for a topic 🐤 [Sponsor] Selling/Buying WoW Classic Gold & Accounts [ALL REALMS]
    Awesome and fast services thank you chicks gold 47m recieved!

    Chicks was The Seller