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  1. just drop the viewports and just use the area condition. and handle the viewport issue when interacting with objects. also you're checking an object variable, not querying for a new one which will make it not work. once an object in game is deloaded your AirAltar, standingTorch and enterAirAltar variables will be invalid. also why name an object with a verb? enterAirAltar is a terrible name. use something like airAltarEntrance or something like that
  2. I made a beginner clue solver that gets clues by killing npcs that is appropriate to your combat level then solving them. Features: support for killing chickens, goblins and cows automatic switching of npcs to kill efficent clue solving smart combat leveling Requirements Levels: 37 magic Items: (recommended minimum amount) spade (1) chef's hat (1) * red cape (1) * gold necklace (1) * gold ring (1) * leather boots (1) * bronze axe (1) air runes (300) water runes (50) earth runes (50) fire runes (50) law runes (100) * HAS TO BE EQUIPPED ALONG WITH YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE BEFORE STARTING SCRIPT Recommended The items are only useable if you have the recommended level in the corresponding skill if you don't have the levels, don't bother getting the items Levels: 15 mining 20 cooking 20 fishing 15 smithing 18 crafting Items: (recommended minimum amount) Smithing: hammer (1) iron bar (5) Mining: bronze pickaxe Cooking: raw pike (20) raw trout (20) Fishing level 10: fishing rod (1) fishing bait (50) Fishing level 20: fly fishing rod (1) feathers (50) Crafting: needle (1) thread (10) leather (5) Instructions start the script in either lumbridge spawn or lumbridge bank with the required items equipped, the bot will do the rest If popular enough I will add support for switching to higher tier weapons as the bot levels up.