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  1. Looking forward to your repair
  2. 16:23 Startup: RSBot/7114 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Java/1.8.0_221 [#4; 1794 MiB] 16:23 Welcome: select your game, then to play a script click File > Play 16:23 Updates: rt4 83f9aafcfa1f430c3f77c6587430b65d399369bd 16:23 Updates: processing game update... The client can be used yesterday, and today it is being maintained.
  3. The client is shown in maintenance again.
  4. Still not working Still showing that the client is being repaired
  5. I am still waiting for the client to fix it. How long do I have to wait?
  6. You are right, I forgot to change the VPN to create a new account, I will try it. and, can you add a new feature to the next update? If the bot dies, he will pick up the air rune and the mind rune when he goes back.
  7. I have seen the rule, I promise that I will follow the above method for the bot, but the speed of the ban is still amazing. If the ban still occurs in two days or a day, I should not use this script. The bond is now too expensive. Although I don’t know what to do, please try to update the anti-ban.
  8. The ban has been more powerful than I have seen at any time. Last month, my account will be banned in a week or so, and now it will be banned within two days. I don't know if it is because they know this script. if this way I will lose soon
  9. I find that sometimes when BOT stands next to the web and uses a knife, it throws away the knife if it is not cut the first time, but strangely, it happens to me when I use a trident machine.
  10. I think it's all about luck. I once had a Zulrah account running 12 hours a day for a month before it was permanently banned.
  11. I can't cut the web with a knife unless I "use" the knife. The emmmm didn't know what was going on and suddenly it was okay. I was going to record a video for you to see, but suddenly the knife was working properly when I recorded it.