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    Selling 160m .60

    Selling 160m total .60/M you cover any fees paypal discord - TaxSeazon#6091
  2. I provide account you run through tut island i pay 125k each comment your discords
  3. TaxSeazon's All-In-One Service Thread Acceptable Payment : 07 GP ONLY Discord : TaxSeazon#6091 Skype : If you don't have Skype or Discord, you can contact me via PM. I will not use any other type of application. Confirmations will be done via PM. ALL ORDERS WILL BE COMPLETED USING THE **buddy CLIENT. SCREENSHOTS CAN BE PROVIDED WHEN ASKED TO ENSURE NO BOTS ARE USED ! What I offer ? FIGHTER TORSO 10M ( Depending on stats, price may vary ) FULL VOID 1 HELMET Novice Boat: 35M Intermediate Boat: 30M Veteran Boat: 25M Additional Helmets: 2M Defenders Bronze - Rune: 7M Bronze - Dragon: 8M Questing Prices will be discussed via contact Power Leveling ( Including NMZ ) NMZ Starter Kit ( Mountain Daughter ) : 7m NMZ Starter Kit ( Black Demon ) : 7m Other Requests will be discussed via contact Order Format Did you add me on Skype/Discord or send me a PM: What service do you need: Do you agree with my TOS: T.O.S 1. You may not log into the account during a service unless you have permission, doing so will result in the termination of the service with NO Refund. 2. You MUST NOT change the details of the account until the service has been completed, doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund. 3. If there are any items required for the service, you must provide them. 4. You MUST change your password after the service is completed. I'm not responsible for anything that occurs afterwards. 5. If you have any substantial wealth on the account, it is your responsibility to protect it (Either Bank Pin/Transfer Trade) 6. Once the service is complete, you must leave a Feedback. 7. You MUST Post on the service thread to acknowledge the T.O.S and start the service
  4. Why do you use powerbot?