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  1. I saw this requested by a few people a while ago but can't find the thread anymore. https://github.com/Leach99/scripts/blob/master/natureRunner/bot/runner.java It unnotes pure essence in the shop, runs to the nature altar, trades the runecrafter, and repeats. *has only been tested in fixed mode Inventory should be: noted pure essence in first slot and money anywhere else. Armour: nature tiara Requirements: maybe rune mysteries to enter the ruins, no other requirements. (decent HP/DEF recommended) Karamja is danguerous and low levels often die while running, this script runs a path where there are only snakes and spiders, they can hit 5's. If the bot is being attacked it turns run on. (if health bar is visible, doesn't work all the time) Start the script near the nature altar or the shop on Karamja.