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  1. Starting services for me. horror from the deep and NMZ training.
  2. Have gear ready as well, blowpipe and whatever else that is needed
  3. Looking for prices on firecape on my pure, 77 range, 44 pray, 1def 70 hp. also complete horror from the deep of possible
  4. iDisturbia

    Range training

    Looking for range training currently 70 range looking to get as many levels as possible. Please post gp/xp and method
  5. Please send me offers offers to how much osrs gold please
  6. Selling 150m rs3 gold via skrill hmu
  7. currently 66 strength and 60 range. Price for 70 in both these skills?
  8. Price for monkey madness and desert treasure on a pure, 1 def. Have 60 attack, 65 strength, 83 magic,57 range and 60 hp.