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  1. Better than homeless shitting on the streets , smoking crack because the local governments are ran by a bunch of white guilt pussies and lesbians. No wheres "perfect" but id rather be in a country with a government that puts the hammer down than a country that sucks the ass of pussies and BLM
  2. Well fam the issue is the states is you got the hard working backbone, then the freeloaders, drug addicts, busted as judicial system that can send you away for life then change the laws on weed and still keep you in prison lol You have reverse racism, half of california and miami can't speak english, taxes being given to crack heads, drug addicts, mothers with 10 kids and a pile of shit on every corner in major cities bc its ok to shit outside if you're homeless but if you're a working american with a nice life then shit outside you go to jail. Think of it like this "if you have nothing to take they give you something" if you have something to take all the laws are against you. Stay homeless and do drugs they wont even take you to jail in most places but if I wanna rack lines off hookers then get caught i go to prison for like 5 years. I went to Mexico, UK,Serbia, and all over China. Still not going back if I can avoid it at all cost xD .. It gets expensive living outside the country though you can really blow through savings quick on small things youd never even think of needing. Yellow Hat