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  1. You're in spam fam... if you want a geopolitical discussion reach out anytime but I'm not about to care here. China's economy doesn't need the U.K or the U.S anymore lol. Do some research lad, and the U.K is absolute garbage as well l0l Lived there, done that, seen your streets and the mongs running things. Also yes millions will die and continue to die for now and forever... "It's just the flu" > "Herd immunity" >"China didn't recommend or do that?" Your government said "lets all get it! wooo build immunity to protect ourselves" that's the dumbest shit after China locked down a billion people lmfao... remember.. Blame your governments for not quarantining the same time China did ye?? If the entire world shut down for 2 months like China this wouldn't be happening. Get over your ignorant bipolar logic. Do you got ovaries bro? Yellow Hat EDIT : @Ben No dumb ass response to your governments shit response?
  2. Yeah and Taiwan told the WHO that it was and the WHO road the dick of China whats your point? The worlds governments knew it was all bullshit and did nothing 🙂 Bro I'm legit trolling and you're getting baited XD idgaf about any of these countries or places... I just love fucking with people, you'll be fine go put some salt on your gash. Yellow Hat
  3. China's economy is far better than the U.S.A lol. Over half of America lives on some sort of welfare support from the government with one of the worst educational programs in the world, and if you missed me and led trolling each other earlier you'd understand why I'm focusing on America its because it pisses him off. I'm legit trolling so keep staying trolled , its spam don't forget lads.... China isn't directly responsible for the ignorant baboons who called it a cold for 3 months while China was in lock down. Stay in your shitholes lol. TROLOLOLOL 🙂 Yellow Hat
  4. At least the taxes here don't support women who have 5 kids just to eat $250 on ebt ea child then trade it for meth lololol China is balling fam you must be living in the 60's 😉 America is a joke globally , 23 trillion in debt, shitty products, obese , and in poverty with over 2 million homeless shooting up on the streets using the sidewalks as toilets. Oh I forgot you probably still think you're in the 60's... Yellow Hat
  5. From the land of the welfare moms and crack babies XD