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  1. JPs Rune Runner Reason for this script: AFKable runecrafting @DieselSkrt has a script that does not work for me and does not support all alters Features: Should work for multi-bot configurations A GUI where you can specify what the master's username is, how much ess to trade, and which alter Functionality: For Bot Note: Start bot with noted or unnoted pure ess in the inventory Trade with master account Walk to bank Exchange notes given by master account for pure ess Walk back to alter Exchange un-noted pure ess for noted pure ess For Master Have noted pure ess in inventory Wait for trade from bot Offer noted pure ess, if you have anymore Accept Trade Craft Repeat Current supported altars: Air altar Fire altar Earth altar Water altar Body altar Future updates: Add more altars, will have to F2P for now Bugs: Find them and tell me