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  1. Title says all! Multiple payment options looking to stock up $200-400 Minimum $10+ GC add my discord: blakeblood9#9781 ID: 227061048816041984
  2. I'm ded yes! To be fair, if she talked a lot and wasn't awkward, I would already talk my way into the players ball. But, she's too shy and nervous around me, hopefully the gift will say I really like you please let me dick your ass real quick. And she slides her info. But time will tell, ill update on Thursday what happens.
  3. Hmm... Also since I'm a virgin is it cooler to heely into the room before sex? Or should you heely out of the room after sex?
  4. Kinda want that harassment level since she's a shy little bitch who needs to hop on some dick asap. Then hope all at work is straight, Hopefully she's my sister or cousin, Alabama family is the best. Also to be fair I doubt she would be acting the way she is w/ that type of body language. Plus she's 9.5/10 cute, it's Christmas, was shopping for mom, decided to degen. I Like to gamble. So guess wait to see what cards your dealt
  5. #teamvirgins

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      Then help me with my rando thread cus everyone is calling my a faggot jew virgin and trying not to kms so helps

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      Risk the job or awkward state and just say some really bold shit. I mean she is 9/10 so kinda worth whatever I do.

  6. I fuck my animals at my house. And to be fair, I'm not awkward in person. But since she's acting like a weirdo, that makes me awkward cus I don't wanna seem like a weirdo to them. Do you not think the plan will work orrrrr like.... Also @Jamal give me dat advice
  7. There’s a cute girl at my work, every time I go up to talk to her we just both start laughing, and she always fixes her hair/ herself when I walk by, and when I walk by I mirror her unintentionally, when I talk to her sometimes she gets neverous and responds with something random but on topic. If I ever start talking to someone else she will stop what she’s doing just to listen. So im basically like cool, we’re both awkward we’re both showing at least something to liking each other since she really doesn’t do that with anyone else. ——- so now the main point, I’m worried for asking numbers, “a friend/ co-worker date”, etc. because dealing with “sexual harassment” and get kicked out the job, or her having a boyfriend and making it super awkward. So I decided as I was Christmas shopping to stop at a store, and I got her some diamond studs for $550 US. Also bought candies and chocolates n shit. Now I’m waiting til wensday to hand her a “Christmas gift”. And I’m hopping in the end it’ll presssure her to do something since I don’t want the responsibility or backlash of something going wrong.
  8. Tl:dr Sold a car, wanted to met at dmv but said fuck it they'll switch title it's a cheap car. Told them to keep $100 so they had money for the transfer. Turns out they didn't. Car was towed got mail for it, don't know about parking tickets or any other violations under my name. Have to call PD tmr and try to figure this out, lmao should of just junked the car ffs