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  1. It’s his natural habitat anyways. #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome
  2. Probably trying to make the game alive as much as possible , trying to milk out the last few years of it
  3. Looking for rs boyfriend! Super sexy age 12 single and freaky will send pics! Then send evidence to FBI thanks for submittions or 200mil oh wait I wasn’t suppose to share that part
  4. There’s a work around steam it’s called vgo skins, skins off the third party sites like OPSkins that can be redeemed for actually items that can’t be gambled :))) try us U.S. government , prohibition never works. The war on drugs like gambling which excellent source of dopeamine, has failed
  5. I put 4K into a csgo match that was like 90% to 10% and lost lmao the guys went to jail for throwing the match I’ll try to find article edit:
  6. Ok ok just to have this all straight before I fuck up. Imagine a millionaire pays $2,000 credit limit cus it’s his first secure card theroatically. now he spends $400-500 a day on just shit so so if he spends $190 every single day, 9%. But at 10 pm before bed he knows he’s near the 10% he pays it off every single day and does this 30 days a week of spending $190 a day but also paying off $190 everyday , will he get good credit? but in the same instatnce if he spent $10 a day and paid off $70 a week he would gain the same amount of points. sorry im fucking retarded about this but clearly I need a controlled mind about the situation. and yeah lol after this discover card ima hold it for 3 years, and next time I’ll keep holding it when I wanna upgrade cards. now for this take loans from company’s will this hurt me in rapid repetitions or is that for credit cards only? Plus renters from my new apartment with my buddy should also pick me off my feet on top of starting a new responsible card now learning, I did retarded shit with the last one. When I thought I was doing good
  7. Thanks for all the help actually meant a lot ! I still was wondering tho if I wanted let’s say a kitchen silverware set , some plates and such for the apartment, and say that’s $200 you said make weekly payments or don’t a lot of money and wait til the end of the month. if I bought the silverware set $200, paid it off 30 seconds after, does that mean I should NOT spend anymore on the card for at least 7 days. Or could I do $200 (paid off) $60 gas + $40 food . All paid off same day. Or does it have to be week 1: silverware $200 pay it off that week week 2: buy your $60 of gas and pay it off same day week 3: buy $40 food Also was accepted and did $1,500 limit this time not $300 on a secured line, maybe should of done 2,000-3,000 since I’ve been working 80 hours for past 8 months so checkings is pretty loaded but.
  8. I see I’m pretty caught up with if I’m spending 20k a year on gas food and car parts, other miso stuff 3-5% or miles , that’s $1,000 back, that’s a half oz gold bar just for nothing I want that now, ima show the bank what I really make. but clearly that backfired, me realizing low credit limit fucked me over and wanting a higher limit card to climb the ranks faster even tho that’s not at all how it works learning today. So I called and said fuck this shit I want my deposit and I’ll just find someone I can show My 3 pay stubs and checking balance, and show I’m set for adulthood and shouldn’t be treated like a new credit person. but now my new upcoming questions would be 1. In 2-3 years once I rebuild , when I do get a cash reward card, and good score am I really only able to spend $100-300 weekly on it, cus I could just save all my cash live bare minimum, and wait to spend on clothes, faster car parts etc shit you would buy for working your tits off, or can I make $250 purchase, pay it off same day and just keep paying same day after the purchase rather then maxing it, or is there no max purchase limit on shit like that. 2. Now I’ve completely fucked myself , went from 765 to like 635 not realizing I was going down. Can I talk to a banker at a big branch in hopes of getting a more normal card (as I did 100% pay in full every time), do I find a new secure account, do I wait 6-12 months, do I start with store loans as stated, what can I do to fix it. I dont chase girls risk kids, I don’t own a house so don’t have to worry about a tornado , basement flooding or some castrophic finical issues, I’ve always kept myself away from doing dumbshit ever since I got my own place. all about the stocks , bonds , ETF’s, very slight cryptos and a lot of commedities. I appreciate you knowledge, and sorry for lack of understanding just seems backwards to me but opening my mind to change the mindset on how credit works. But still need a few hints “to get back on my feet” but for my new car, paying interests on a car would be retarded when there’s free options of such purchases for other things. oh and last question , with my limit card if I bought gas and paid same day, but make 40 purchases a month on my card is that horrible or good I guess I’m a little confused yet but. Hopefully after you comment I’ll be set straight
  9. Rippppp literally closed it in anger saying this credit limit fucked my life up I want my $300 deposit back peace out ima find a credit card that can satisfied my needs because I don’t need a broke bitch card I want a rewards card with high limits since I need to spend on grocery’s monthly , vacations, gas constantly because I live that lifestyle . so rip already fucked but whatever I don’t need a loan for anything any time soon, so where do I go from here? Find a big branch explain my situation have them find a card best for me only spend $20 a month, wait a year then get a 4% cash back or some shit I assume calling back is to late ?
  10. lol, well high school doesn’t teach credit cards, CBA lessons online.... applied to 2 reward credit cards realizing no one would accept me without history made very stupid mistake to get a “credit limit card” meaning you throw $300 down deposit you get $300 credit limit. And get approved instantly no credit history nothing. Got 3 delivery jobs as I was tired of landscaping 50-60 hours a week at $18 an hour. so I was working 2 jobs 8 hours each m-F then 20 hours total Saturday and Sunday. So was banging 200-300 bucks a day after tips, mileage, hourly. But I was spending $30+ every 3-4 days on gas and food, some of it was cash, cus cash tips, u know what that means. So I was showing my credit card fuck I’ll spend 280-290 out of $300 every month and pay it the 1st of every month. Proof I’m reliable, can easily afford any limit etc. I work my ass off 80% of my age has less then $500 in there bank ima show them what’s up. never checked my credit history til today 12 months later into this card I guess maxing the limit means your a heavy risk and you lose 15-30 points a month doing it. What the fuck so if your poor, retarded, non hardworking no college you get benefits from government, low income, better credit history cus you can’t even spend money, sector 8 housing, EBT cards, lower tax brackets but if you wanna do hard labor, college or work 80+ hours a week you receive no benefits, higher taxes, and if you decide to want cash back rewards on a credit card your punished for spending more then 50% of your limit. What the actual fuck Im dead ass pissed as shit right now. I mean why do I need credit when I can just buy everything with cash rn or in full. Would not need a loan, car payments or housing loan. So so what the fuck do I do with 100% made payments, still working 3 jobs. Clearly a high credit limit card so I don’t fuck myself every month, I never checked my score to find out it’s goinf down cus school did teach me checking your score constantly effects it so fuck guys lol probably wrong site to ask but Jesus fuck America....
  11. Added idea, lighting McQueen crocs For the meme, not like it would do damage to the house and can be removed at any time
  12. Lmao idk why I just wanna build the most disgusting house ever , somethin you wouldn’t not wanna show your parents but also wanna be like this is such a esss Fucking get it so few ideas I have so y’all can get a hint of what’s going on >mutiple $100 bill rugs In the house > pictures of Donald trump and Gabe Newell instead of family portraits >dildos as door handles >naked girl calanders >pocket pussy lamps >mini fridges full of booze including empty bottles as decorations around the house >specifically a sex casting room >blow up dolls In a few rooms More would come after I think longer about this but also want some fucked minded no moral ideas as wel. Hopefully @Will will be a excellent help. this is dead ass , shopping on aliba or wish, $1,500 limit will post house tour after
  13. blakeblood9

    Out of prison =)

    Sounds like a perfect social engineer method for unbanning, you think @Sephirofl says that shit on his “unban your accounts 18 month experience” will threaten ten companies and they’ll get so scared they’ll unban.
  14. blakeblood9

    Out of prison =)

    Didn’t this dude say he was about to shoot up a school on RuneScape and went to prison over saying that or something @Will
  15. There was new thread every 20 minutes with 1,000+ members logged in lol. Rsbuddy before this this site was just as poppin before ja ex sezied it. but seems everyone is having wet dreams about world of Warcraft rn edit: saw your join date, this site was popular asf back when, bot bust happen, then mass updates then game died and so did everything rs related.