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  1. Hmm yes it might be due to your laptop then. From my experience similar reports were all due to the fact that the instances were demanding too much cpu which resulted in strange behavior. Statistically it is not possible that it's due to the script since your computer is constantly running them without problems at all, while your laptop doesn't. The code doesn't change.
  2. @cordellp1 I added extra checks and updated some things regarding this, so that it will use less cpu. U could try it again and pm me on discord with the results Also u made 1 Billion gp with 55 days of runtime within a time-span of just 1-2 weeks that's quite a lot in a short amount of time u probably used more accounts, so not very weird that u got banned. To add on to this, If you got banned on your IP before it may be possible that your IP is flagged. If this was the case u probably got chainbanned. Clean off your computer before continuing. Please keep in mind ban-rates are very low but greed/excessive botting inevitably leads to a ban. Bot smart.
  3. Computer can be good but there's a limit of instances u can run before performance wil decrease. 2-3 instances with 8gb ram, 1 instance with 4gb ram From my observations these are the conclusions i'd make. This script has quite a large userbase, if it would be due to the script my inbox would be constantly full of complaints and as you said it would run without problems on your other computers so maybe clean off your pc, reinstall windows (maybe switch to window 7 for a less CPU demanding os) RRevCaves requires quite some cpu at certain tasks for optimal profit rates. Client devs are working on a "Low CPU mode" that will probably enable you to run more
  4. @cordellp1 it does get the super restore(3) ? Video sent via discord. it isn't equipping a bracelet when one is on? Note for @cordellp1 and @bacha and others experiencing bugs running too many instances on one computer/vps that is not able to handle them (inquire me about what i'd recommend) can cause drastic reducement in performance
  5. I’ll check tonight but the last time i checked it did restock scales. Will check the super restores aswell but I have not received similar reports regarding this issue, it doesn’t make any sense to me tbh Yes it does restock the scales when run out Should be updated