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  1. Are you on the all-tab? Can you contact me on discord
  2. You still looted over 4 million gp. If it looted slow you probably set it up wrong or there were other issues. As i've said if you bought it less than 48 hours ago (different limit for money making scripts) @Chris may decide if you qualify for a refund. You can disable renewals via paypal/creditcard.
  3. You are able to trial the script for free and get a refund within 48 hours. That is basically 72 hours to try out a very profitable script. Aside from this standard generous offer of time to try out the script, you haven't contacted me either, allowing me to help you setting up the script correctly. Furthermore, you've already made a considerable amount of gp. Keep in mind you can run this script with an unlimited amount of accounts for a price of just $9.99 (in comparison with other scripts on the market), meaning you can easily scale up and make great profit. Also, this script has a long track record of looting high valued items. This is from 3 days ago. ->
  4. Visualized sales data server-side using ChartJS. Try yourself here here Demo: Y-Axis labels in the video are omitted for privacy concerns Hovering shows sum commission per script. Validates input
  5. Is the account you want to add in your friends list Is you friends list open Do you account for case sensitivity Try to filter other characters which are in that user name