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  1. https://github.com/Slushpies/RSBot-Scripts/blob/727cb51f74b31b9d9966700f11e050bfea67f672/src/Slushpies/task/quest/cooksAssistant/handInQuest.java#L33 Basically all of it should be rewritten. Use a loop, use chat query. https://github.com/Slushpies/RSBot-Scripts/blob/master/src/Slushpies/main/TestQuest.java u are stacking up ur task list with the same 17 tasks every loop (300ms), add them in the start method Haven't looked at more atm but i'm sure someone else will
  2. can u uninstall java and install java jdk 1.8 unlimited instances/bots No not yet I'm trying to get my hands on an account to update it, if u can lend one temporarily (1h) i could easily fix it
  3. RZME

    RWildyWines - 350k/h

    Nah I could rewrite it in a day tho, if there's enough demand for it
  4. Open friendslist in game then type in the first few characters in the textfield then hit enter