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  1. Would try to appeal the ban (u can always appeal even if permed). Google for "appeal a ban os"
  2. Does it risk that amount of GP or does it happened to have looted (notice the difference in the gp counter and the risk gp counter)
  3. Ether, bracelets, burning amulet and glories? I need more information. Can u send me the log (help -> view log) Set your zoom-level (osrs setting to default) in starting info! Sure, will add It will try to loot one of the highest priced items (filtered) for best profit rates Can u send me a screenshot of it to my discord? rez7m#7555 or https://discord.gg/QWzTGz2 Could add, not sure about the efficiency but would be a nice add-on ! Will add save/load settings soon! What operating system are u on? Try to reinstall Java JRE and Java JDK version 1.8 It's a counter that tracks the amount of seconds past since a player has died. Loot appears exactly 60 seconds after the player has died, I change the timer color to GREEN when the loot is about to spawn (close to 60s)
  4. I'd say 4-6 hours a day, while spreading it out. Let botting supplement your gameplay and switch it up with other activites. Don't bot for a day maybe even. Update: Did some significant cleaning after a long time of not updating, leading to better performance
  5. - Added communication between RRevenants script so that when looting in the caves it will prioritize worlds which have pkers in it
  6. I'd recommend an account with some stats and account age already, but generally u there are no requirements. Thanks 🙂 , check your script list in 5 minutes
  7. RZME

    Fuck China

    I never said only China is to blame, I've said what they are to blame for. I am saying you ideally want to prevent an outbreak instead of having quarantine measures. Not saying that we shouldn't be prepared for it.
  8. RZME

    Fuck China

    It will reduce the chance of outbreaks/reduce the magnitude that buys us more time and reports in early stages are way more valuable? Remember how diseases spread, exponentially What kind of logic is still keeping the perfect breeding grounds for disease like this and just let it happen only to combat it at a later stage. Regulate these breeding grounds first. It's not about the 100%, that's not feasible, but by more control you will significantly reduce chance. True, but that does not exclude china from regulating their markets