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  1. Arctic Cat


    He for sure was picked on as a kid. Poor guy.
  2. Says the one who bought sponsor and can't even lock his own thread.
  3. I'm not sure how you still sleep at night. Is it actually bothering you that much bud?
  4. If that helps you sleep at night, keep thinking that. Stick to claiming orders your workers complete and stop crying already. Your pm's to me after the dispute are hilarious, you were acting like such a little bitch lol. "Didn't think you'd get so butt hurt in spam or I woulda just left you alone to your own misery." Thought you were going to leave me alone in my own misery? Just a little bitch that's all. ScamHat
  5. Arctic Cat

    ban rate?

    You want to be using private scripts, even then botting on any platform is risky.
  6. Like I said, I didn't ask for the feedback. Unless you don't understand what sarcasm is. Those are private between peppa and myself. Stop getting all horny over them bud. Jesus christ, how many brain cells do you have left. I have said multiple times I did NOT ask for that feedback. If anyone if to be questioned is the one who left it. ScamHat Imagine one service provider blowing another. Must be sharing workers and splitting orders together, how cute.
  7. You sure did turn into a little bitch pretty quick lol. "I've been here for 16 months with no infractions, I'm sorry chris, yoshiki, DAFP, it wasn't intentional" "After talking to DAFP I realized I admitted to it in the feedback but it wasn't on purpose" "The feedback can be removed if you guys want" Ahahahahahahaha!!!! You're just lucky you bought sponsor, that symbol is like immunity here on powerbot it seems like. I guess in reality you were getting members to sign up to this website so they cannot be mad at you. Funny tho how @Yoshiki asked for proof of the trades, but then deleted his comment and ended the dispute. Don't worry tho, your workers will have you those 30+ feedback back in just a couple of days. Scam Hat Yes, because I asked him to leave me feedback. It was just his opinion I am assuming lol. He isn't wrong tho. I know you won't sleep at night knowing it's there. It's okay, i'm sure you and scam hat have spammed the mods already about it.