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    Banker's Proxy Bazaar Sick of being re-sold proxies from Proxy6 for an overly inflated price? Have your own private SOCK5 proxy for an extremely reasonable price! (150+ Offsite feedback and vouches can be provided and confirmed on request) $1.50/Month Purchased a proxy via my Selly page? (given in PM) - Contact me for your own discount code for your next purchase! - You're Buying: Private SOCKS5 Proxy High Uptime User/Password Authentication  Why Buy From Me? Payment Methods: OldSchool Runescape Gold ($0.60/1M) PayPal UKBT (United Kingdom Bank Transfer) BTC ETH Other Payment Methods May Be Accepted - Just Ask I will not accept RS3 gold for these proxies - there are a variety of services that allow you to swap this gold to OSRS, you will be referred to these sites and denied service for RS3 gold. Disclaimer: The proxies I provide are suitable for botting but are not-suitable for making accounts. Terms & Conditions: These proxies may ONLY be used for OSRS Botting Purposes. If you're banned on Powerbot I have the right to suspend your proxies without a refund. I can refuse business to anyone without reasoning. You are directly accountable for the internet history of the proxy during your subscription period. Any violation of the Terms & Conditions you'll be suspended and no refund will be given. I am not responsible for any Account Locks/Suspensions or Bans that occur. A refund will NOT be provided without valid reasoning - monetary refunds will be denied unless purchased via a method where I have received the FULL amount (no incurred fee). Affiliates: Want to earn a percentage of each sale for promoting my proxies? Shares negotiable Future partnership potential Passive revenue! Contact me to discuss becoming a partner (Larger reputation/reach will yield a higher percentage) Contact: Discord: Banker#6451 Skype: live:bankergoldsite  Mobile: +1 (661) 261-7833