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  1. 14 hours botting of Pest control/Wintertodt in ~30 hours, a bit more than the 2 hours you stated.
  2. Broken since August 2019 @Chris
  3. False bans happen. Real bans happen too, because you botted. By looking at false bans, there might be some info to how real bans happen. Ex-mod Ronan, multilogging, unbanned by contacting mod Random user follow up experiment Streamer EVScape, unknown reason, manual unban Manual ban by tweeting mod for using spec bar plugin Auto RWT ban, trading 200m+ to new account Fletching with touchscreen Auto mute, "banked 580" incident A Friend using OSRS HD client Miscellanious stuff Slayermusiq1 account hacked and botted on, successfully appealed through system Jagex mod reply with link to appeal permanent bans
  4. If it's getting stuck, send a screenshot. I'm automatically sending bug reports when the script gets stuck and no one has gotten stuck to the point where the exp timeout kicks in for the past couple months. Discord server, live progress reports and support!
  5. All script licenses are 30 days, if you forgot to use the script or didn't use it long, PM me and I can give you an extension. Otherwise you will have to repurchase the script. I also provide generous trials/extensions in exchange for progress pics, see this thread.
  6. 6.5 hours of almost straight botting is just asking for a ban. Few people may get away with it however you weren't lucky this time.
  7. Nom


    100 nuggets (currently 42 mining) Animal magnetism (all reqs complete) Provide full quote and time frame.
  8. Falador banking is fixed, however I recommend using Edgeville since it's half the distance and is F2P as well.