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  1. It shouldn't be 100% consistent to reset on 10 minutes every time or it will look like a bot. PM me the log under Help>View logs when the alching issue shows.
  2. I'm checking my logs and this doesn't seem to be the case, you've been using it fine recently. Can you elaborate when exactly this occurs and send me the log? I'll keep an eye on my logs but as far as I can tell everything's working. If you could send me the logs when it doesn't work that'd help.
  3. Post on the script thread
  4. Messaging me and I quote "nom" and then hours later "hey nom" doesn't tell me what you want. If you want something tell me straight and don't reply on a completely unrelated thread.
  5. In your case you used it 7 hours a day two days in a row for a 1 day ban. More than enough to be suspect of botting. Botting always has the risk of bans, if you don't want to get banned don't bot. If you have any feedback about the script I'm open to suggestions. The Powerbot discord shows live progress reports of everyone using this script, people are using the same script daily, you got unlucky.
  6. It worked well in the past Script has not changed since Client has major update You say script is now slow and no one else is complaining I've removed a potentially troublesome line but if you follow my line of reasoning there's nothing apparently wrong on my side. You didn't provide any logs or gifs of what it was doing to help debug the problem. If it works well I can give an extension for any lost time.
  7. Yes, if it doesn't support a location let me know. Did you have world hopping on? It won't shut down unless it attempts to buy with too few coins, otherwise it will sit there waiting for stock.