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  1. You botted for 11 hours over 3 days, from 10 hunter to 53 hunter. You still got unlucky, but no need to lie about how long you played.
  2. Huh that fixed it? Interesting.
  4. By off the screen, how far off is it trying to drag? The bounds are incorrect, issue has been reported. Fixed mode Resizeable
  5. I can't do anything at this point, it's an issue on your end. Others have had success by doing the following Restarting computer Redownloading RSBot Redownloading OSRS Trying a different computer
  6. Nom

    SW Application

    Good idea to put these methods into a separate utils class so you can reuse between scripts Use isEmpty(), less expensive call and more readable Banking logic is very hard to follow I suggest grouping the "out of items" checks, and grouping the withdrawing after depositing the inventory, then doing a final check to see if the inventory is setup correctly, but feel free to think of something else. Don't check for specific amounts of the items, what if you have 10 buckets, 13 clay? You can still do the action Query returns are never null, compare with ctx.objects.nil() Don't you need to check for buckets as well?
  7. The general rule of thumb is to not bot on accounts that have been banned already, for hunter at least, it's simple to make a new acc.
  8. It is NOT recommended to be using bird snared at level 60 hunter, especially for 4 hours straight getting 12k xp/hr when you can be getting 50k+ xp/hr. Makes it very obvious you're botting. I have a levelling guide in the GUI with the most common training methods.
  9. Use enums for the log types, acts as a central source of truth for names, ids etc. It'll allow you to populate the JOptionPane using LogEnum.values() rather than hardcoding the string array. For finding the selected option, you can use the enum.ordinal() You only need 1 script manifest for the main class that extends PollingScript These should be static methods and variables should be static. Right now each task is maintaining its own inventoryCount and logsBurned count. Making it static will bind the variable to the Task class so there's only one instance of the variable. You can create a single static instance of Walker. Even better, follow Coma's guide on extending the API. You don't need to be calling super every time you want to access the functions defined in Task. Adding super just specifies the method should be the one defined in Task instead of e.g. BurnLogs. However, you never redefine the function so adding super is redundant. Consider changing the methods in Task to public final.