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  1. Turn attack options in in-game settings to hidden so you don't accidentally hit something and get combat exp.
  2. Wintertodt Get it here How to download and run OSRS Powerbot scripts All food supported (Brews, Wine, cakes), autofills food name if you have it in your inventory. Option to AFK at 500 points Fletching/Dragon axe special supported Limited spots available (5/5) - Get free 2 week trials on my premium scripts! Post 2+ hour progress pic of this script, see this thread for details. FAQ Q: Script always runs to the same spot to cut logs??? A: There is a spot that falling snow will NEVER hit you when chopping, script will always stand in this spot to minimise damage. You can still be hit by default cold damage. Q: Script is not working A: Post the log by clicking Help > View Log Q: Script is not working after patch A: Restart client TWICE
  3. 4th one was released last week btw
  4. @Henry West It's drinking staminas fine. Make sure you can see the potion in the bank, otherwise PM me the log.
  5. Sorry, I was on a break. My logs indicate people are using it fine since yesterday, PM me the log if you still have issues.
  6. From the logs it seems he got it working, I presume after following my steps. Clear your cache and restart, otherwise PM me the log under Help>View log.
  7. All script licenses are 30 days, if you forgot to use the script or didn't use it long, PM me and I can give you an extension. Otherwise you will have to repurchase the script. I also provide generous trials/extensions in exchange for progress pics, see this thread.
  8. Chins is running fine, nothing has changed with the script. I suggest you clear your cache and restart. Otherwise PM me the log under Help>View log, I'll see if I can find anything.
  9. Rule number 1: Don't bot on accounts you care about. Botting ~10 hours a day didn't really help either, might help to read this. Sorry for your loss.