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  1. I don't log people's ingame username, just their Powerbot account name.
  2. Suddenly botting 9 hours is very bot like behaviour. My logs indicate that you saw my warning about playing too long hours. You can make a refund within 2 days, but if you don't use good botting habits you will still have a high risk of bans no matter what bot you use.
  3. Can you describe what it does? If it works fine for an hour, it should work fine the next hour. You can "Allow input" to type and click while the script is running, its an option in the bot window.
  4. Improved randomisation when resetting aggro Added new input methods for preventing AFK logout: Pressing backspace/escape/enter
  5. What are your hotkey settings? Resizeable? What item are you alching? Position of item and spell in spellbook? Send screenshot.
  6. It's rare to catch a ban from just 2 hours, so you were very unlucky. Perhaps you need to do other activities on the account before botting agility, I imagine getting membership straight into agility training would flag the account as it's a very common pattern.
  7. Does it actually go through the gate at any point and how often does this happen? Could you PM me the log under Help>View log?