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  1. I have to open four clients to work in two, giving the option to play, but appears loading. -.-
  2. the client still has problems with poor equipment (core 2 duo). Open a perfect client but for the second client does not load the update: rt4 xxxxxxxxxx. only appears in the log: Welcome: select your game, then to play a script click File> Play
  3. Since the 7097+ version they detect me from one day to the next my bots accounts .. before I could have them all day, apparently it can not be like that anymore ?. I have tried with vpn, changing the scripts, leaving them for shorter periods of time. I have equal my account is disabled. before, it did not matter what they say here
  4. It is strange that you run previous versions and the recent one does not. Did you try disabling the antivirus? Run it in administrator mode ?, uninstalling the java and reinstalling it ?. I execute the client from an IDE since I program and execute my local scripts. the truth, I have no answer why it does not run on your pc.
  5. Did you also test with the .jar?
  6. @irepure it was fixed with the patch 7102.. But your problem is different, you do not run the client, right?
  7. @Chris Yes, I just realized. thank you.
  8. Fck yeah!!.. Confirmed Working.. Thanks all.. Thanks @Chris
  9. lol.. I bought onyx amulet at that price...
  10. Es mejor perder dias y monedas que peder, cuenta o te detecten facilmente el bot..
  11. @Chris now appears the play button, but does not run the window to select the scripts. Now when I close the client I find this log. (
  12. Si tu computador tiene un procesador core 2 duo o menor por ahora el cliente no esta trabajando en esos equipos, Estan trabajando para solucionar el problema espera la siguiente actualización del cliente (7101+) y prueba si la puedes ejecutar.
  13. Aun siguen actualizando parchando el cliente, ya el equipo conoce los problemas que tiene el cliente en equipos de gama baja core 2 duo hasta celeron, estan trabajando para solucionar el problema no desesperen.