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  1. STWintertodt STWintertodt is designed to be an end-all script for completing Wintertodt. It's designed from the ground up to not only accommodate whatever choice of play style you prefer, but also to perform in a human-like manner in everything you do. Taking a lot of damage/dying? Buy warm clothing! STWintertodt supports 4 play styles - All Fletching Fletch until 500, then all firemaking All firemaking Idle after 500 points STWintertodt also features a highly competitive anti-ban. It uses specialized data entries and complex algebraic techniques in order to mimic a player's various pauses and mannerisms. This, combined with the generally strong performance make this script a very safe script to bot. Despite that, it is highly recommended you bot safe. Botting for more than 2 hours at a time is discouraged, NEVER BOT OUTSIDE YOUR REGULAR PLAY HOURS. For example, if you only play at night, don't set the bot up in the morning, that's a huge red flag that you're botting. It will fix and light any braziers if it feels the need to, it'll restock in between runs. This script is capable of nearly 300k xp/hr. Requirements - Carry axe, preferably equipped (rune is best) Carry knife (only needed if fletching) Carry tinderbox Carry hammer Ensure your bank has enough food Thank you for using my script. If you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know! This script was tested on fixed mode with roofs off. Make sure you have roofs off, although it theoretically should run in windowed mode although it wasn't tested in there.