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  1. No, Hana is the transginger from Australia. He can actually collect it right now and buy gold just before the refund.
  2. I could give you the refund money(100m+).
  3. Actually, there is a virtual cost to calling a non static method(static methods also have a cost, but it's lower than non static, at least in the beginning). Even though in the long run it would be somewhat optimized, his line should be faster than isEmpty() There are two advantages of the call though. As you already stated, verbosity. Other than verbosity, you have low maintenance. The more you rely on the API, the less you have to maintain in the long run.
  4. Pointless upgrade imo. You could have always upgraded to an SSD and it won't give as much of a boost as they claim. Ray tracing looks good, but it's not going to be that big of a game changer. Even though I shouldn't bad mouth a product before it comes out, Xbox Scarlett already seems to be a joke because of how they spoke in the video. I would probably just buy a ps4 pro and wait for cfw to come it's way.
  5. Let me start with what I like. Semver, Very few people realize how important revisioning is. Early returns in activation, good job! And now to things that are a bit iffy for me. From my understanding, that's a constant meant to held ids of supported food. There is no reason for it to have a constructor. The same thing is applicable to Monster and Traversal. I strongly recommend making a TaskScript instead of just extending polling script everytime. Let constants be accessed as constants, don't make static holders to reassign constants at runtime, that makes no sense. I'm guessing this will be a repeating trend in the other classes too. Another thing, don't use System.out.println, it becomes really hard to maintain and disable. Use a singleton logger if you must or share your logger through ctx.controller.script. Use lambdas instead of instantiation. Firstly, don't separate RT utils. Let them stay in ctx. Also, I don't see where you initialized it. Use Random.nextGaussian. These are minor things though and hence, i'm in support of you getting the rank. You have been much better than a few recent SWs in my opinion.
  6. Frick, it's the same as Germany, I guess the whole of the EU is going to be drowned in taxes. What's the retirement age in NL now? Anything over 30% is plain stupid, those social services are not that great. Trump has been a good president, maybe not for the world, but for his citizens. Some liberals have gone too far to the left to see it.
  7. Handling the refund. Paid amount in osrs gp.
  8. Netherlands may be equal, not better, and once you consider the amount of tax they levy on you, no thanks. Russia and China? Really? The place where you can't speak out against the government or you're found dead in mysterious circumstances? China, the place where the orwellian future is currently going on? Sweden, the place that's currently having an immigrant problem? Iceland, the place where you have to pay x5-6 times more for alcohol after 6 pm because of the how the government controls it and it's sale? Also, isn't iceland still recovering from the 2008 collapse? And while we are talking about it, I don't see any proper institute backing your 60% poverty claim. If i'm not mistaken, the poverty rate is close to 12%. Most of the country is not on welfare. You might not have had a good time in the USA, but that doesn't mean you can pull facts out of your ass. Trump may be a hard ass and may be a douche in your opinion, but he has kept everything in check in his term. Oh also, don't abuse the report button. Miesha didn't dox you.
  9. Ah I see. I would still recommend 8 though, as 9-11 are not LTS(12 is the next LTS iirc). What's breaking 12 for RSBot? illegal access warning?
  10. You should be using jre 8. Uninstall 12 and install 8.