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  1. This guide is mainly for windows,if requested I will edit this for other Operating Systems. If you have any problems or if you feel the guide is not explaining a part properly,leave a comment stating the problem you face. Requirements: Java Rune Environment (32-bit is suggested, 64-bit works too) [link] (Please remember the path of installation) Corresponding JDK [link] If you prefer following a video : Text Guide: Create a folder named RSBot in your C drive. Copy your RSBot.jar and .java script inside the RSBot folder(C:\RSBot\). Open CMD at this location {open cmd and use "cd C:\RSBot\"}. [ig]Use the following code to compile your file: javac -cp "RSBot.jar" *.java Create two new folders,called out and src,move the .java file to source(You could also delete the .java file,up to you) and move the .class to out Inside out,create a new folder called scripts and move the class files inside Go back to scripts folder(The initial folder) and create a new .bat file,say run.bat Inside run.bat,copy paste this: @ECHO OFF "{PathToJRE}\bin\java""C:\RSBot\out" -Dcom.jagex.config="" -javaagent:"C:\RSBot\RSBot.jar" -jar "C:\Users\%username%\jagexcache\jagexlauncher\bin\jagexappletviewer.jar" runescape pause {PathToJRE} refers to the location of the JRE installation {Located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre or C:\Program Files\Java\jre} If you want to use the RS3 bot, in the -Dcom.jagex.config, change the value to "" The bat code for me was : @ECHO OFF "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_66\bin\java""C:\RSBot\out" -Dcom.jagex.config="" -javaagent:"C:\RSBot\RSBot.jar" -jar "C:\Users\%username%\jagexcache\jagexlauncher\bin\jagexappletviewer.jar" runescape pause Save the file and then run it. If done correctly,your local script should pop up in the Scripts list.[Ex name:[L]Dropper]