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GGthebeast's Feedback

  1. Skids left Negative feedback   

    scammer. do not trade

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  2. MW3LOVE left Positive feedback   

    ordered a juicy package of me,so i gave him what he wanted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ... jk 2 mith glove pures + few more 60atk quest reqs :)

    GGthebeast was Trading

  3. WYD left Positive feedback   

    Sold us 100m all Went smooth and fast very easy @

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  4. Alva left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a main, transacation went well without hesitiating. He went first +++A

    GGthebeast was Trading

  5. Seraphic left Neutral feedback   

    Although this user refunded me, he did not complete the order he was meant to. He promised he always finished his order, I tried to make sure he was happy and content but he continuously made excuses as well as attempting to get more money out of me. He then cancelled my order + then asked if I was retarded. I hope he can improve and offer better customer service for future people who use his service.

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  6. JukeDDD left Positive feedback   

    trained me 80-86 str and did two quests on my g mauler thnks

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  7. Seraphic left Positive feedback   

    Bought a service off him for some ranged XP. Thanks.

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  8. qwertykeys left Positive feedback   

    Bought 80m - Top guy :D

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  9. qwertykeys left Positive feedback   

    Did 90-97 strength for me - Flawless!! Highly recommended - Kept me updated all the way + very quick!!

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  10. milonairr left Positive feedback   

    Did allot of nmz on my acc! Friendly guy and great to work with. Trusted him with bank untouched!

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  11. Dboypeezy left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with, got me 82-99 ranged on my pure.

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  12. qwertykeys left Positive feedback   

    Did 75-94 magic for me - Nice and quick + Fantastic guy to deal with - Buying more 99s for sure.

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  13. Ragnition left Positive feedback   

    He did 95-99 Atk hes trusted

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  14. Alva left Positive feedback   

    Got me 80-99 str on my 1 def pure, great service ++A

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  15. phazemods left Positive feedback   

    Homeboy got 66-85 strength in 5 days! Amazing service, For sure will be using again.

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  16. Dragon Boy left Positive feedback for a topic   

    buying 20m osrs
    bought 20m osrs, my go to man, easy and fast> much love

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  17. OLM left Positive feedback   

    got him quests gave the bonus thanks !

    GGthebeast was Trading

  18. No Prayer left Positive feedback   

    got me 83-97 str and 94-97 range! thanks!

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  19. Goldas left Positive feedback   

    Done skilling service for him, I went first

    GGthebeast was Trading

  20. qwertykeys left Positive feedback   

    Bought 43m off him!! Fantastic Seller - no hassle or confusion!!

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  21. Rswap left Positive feedback   

    bought 100m of him good seller

    GGthebeast was Trading

  22. Dragon Boy left Positive feedback   

    bought 50m osrs, thanks bud, saved me a great deal. Def will hit u up for more

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  23. chuckle left Positive feedback   

    bought back a account A+++

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  24. Coach left Positive feedback   

    sold me a obby thanks mate!

    GGthebeast was The Seller

  25. jdschaf left Positive feedback   

    I went first no mm 100m for his zerker no pronlems at all

    GGthebeast was The Seller