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  1. Introduction: Master Rune is a RuneCrafting script which supports all Free-to-play Altars to be used for Tiaras or RuneCrafting. Supported Altars Supported Methods Runecrafting Tiara Imbuing
  2. From April 2016-January 2017, 515,261,906 GP has been made throughout 37,557 runs with a total elapsed time of 3 years, 5 months, 7 days, and 3 hours! Get the Script HERE! Introduction: Master Miner is a free mining script for RS3 which could be started at any basic mine. With support for banking and power levelling (dropping ores), as well as Coal Bags, it offers maximum performance through it's modular design. You can install Master Miner through the SDN here. Configuration: In order for Master Miner to work, please start the script at the mine you would like to mine at. Please select ore - Select the rock you would like to mine from. Power Level - Whether or not to power level. If this is checked, ores will be dropped. Start Script - Once you are done configuring, this will start the script. Current Features: Power Levelling - This will allow the bot to quickly drop the ores and stay at the mine. Auto-detect Combat Bar - If you have the ore assigned to the combat bar, and you're power-levelling, it will automatically drop the ore. Anagogic Orts - Automatically collects any anagogic orts which fall to the ground. Banking - Will automatically bank when the inventory is full (disabled when power levelling). Coal Bags - When the inventory is full, it will try to fill the coal bag. If it cannot be filled, it will go bank and empty the coal bag. Dynamic Anti-Ban - The Anti-ban patterns which are used account for human error, babysitting, and typical skilling. Mining: Clay Copper Ore Tin Ore Iron Ore Silver Ore Coal Ore Gold Ore Mithril Ore Adamantite Ore Runite Ore Screenshots: Basic example of what the script looks like Please post any screenshots you have, and I'll post them here. Changelog: June 25, 2016: * Fixed Burthorpe mines not recognizing the rocks. June 18, 2016: + Added support for Action-bar dropping May 2, 2016: + Added support for Coal Bags May 1, 2016: * Fixed interregional banking in F2P areas + Added object permanence