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  1. always join my discord channel to avoid trading the wrong person. my user name in the discord it's "Death"

  2. Bump taking orders now! join my discord too! :
  3. Bump taking orders now! join my discord too! :
  4. Bump taking orders now! join my discord too! :
  5. Bump taking orders now! join my discord too! :
  6. Devry123

    [Devry123][Feedback] Hire a Venezuelan cheap prices!

    am wondering what you guys going to do now that I not in another bot and only in powerbot. lets see what ya going to say now to frame me like you guys did in another bot. go lick more butt cabron. ready to return? I bet you licked so badly lmfao. what wrong @Dbuffed? scarred that my prices will get rid of you? you can try and drop your price as much you want too anyway this my last post for you peace out buddy. keep going for me like if you love me or something lol. I don't swing there. you alrdy have a baby and a woman. take her and stop thinking about me
  7. Devry123

    [Devry123][Feedback] Hire a Venezuelan cheap prices!

    have clue of what? that you are a little bitch going after everyone licking each other? idc if you replying somebody else question might I know also where my link go to sythe please? because the discord name is broken and it lead me to google :kappa: so I not sure what you talking about. begging to be unbanned O.O? have you see me begging to be unbanned? please show proof because I haven't lick maldesto butt like you did to get unbanned. go lick more cabron
  8. Devry123

    [Devry123][Feedback] Hire a Venezuelan cheap prices!

    in shit O.O? isn't that your specially at licking maldesto butt? hahaahahhahah peace out cabron.
  9. Devry123

    [Devry123][Feedback] Hire a Venezuelan cheap prices!

    he prob have brain damage by now. if am saying "hire a venezuelan" is clearly that another person that isn't me will be doing the orders lmao.... just let him be. my prices are always been the cheapest one and people always come to me lmao. as soon I grow what you think will happen :D? read bro read... "hire a venezuelan"
  10. Devry123

    [Devry123][Feedback] Hire a Venezuelan cheap prices!

    no need for you to join my discord you know what always happen every time we talk :). for example. this thread I not sure why is full of your posts lol.... am getting this thread closed anyway and re opening the other one. anyway I can understand why you might want to join but my team are in a different discord no one will know who they are . and if competition oh dear you would need to drop your prices to the bottom line since my are alrdy the super cheap. I not even sure with one you are lmao... am talking with 12+ customers at the same time but only 3-4 people idk who they are lmao... so I might be talking to you in disc without knowing :thinking:
  11. Devry123

    [Devry123][Feedback] Hire a Venezuelan cheap prices!

    yeah is real, the discord channel is broken here: message me if it doesn't work ;(
  12. Welcome to Hire a Venezuelan Join my discord after joining head to "ANNOUNCEMENTS" there are the price of each perks T.O.S will pay before service start. will not log into the account at all. (No refund if you log this is for your sake) will only contact me for any deal. 4.I not responsible for wealth on the account, all value from the account must be removed but supplies needed for the order. 5. I not responsible for any ban,mute,everything its done by hand! 6.making a order mean that you have read my TOS. Format Discord name: have you joined my discord channel?: payment method: service needed?: to contact me join my discord channel located in this thread to avoid adding an impostor.
  13. Bump taking order right now. feel free to join my discord channel
  14. Welcome to DeVry123 services! Payment method: 07gp/BTC and Paypal ONLY FROM TRUSTED Pest Control Novice: Full Void+helm 26m extra helms 3m each Inter: Full void+helm 22m extra helms 2.5m each Veteran: Full void+helm 20m extra helms 2m each Barbarian Assault Torso/skirt 14m each Gloves/Boots 5m each Roles 1 1.5m Roles 2 1.5m Roles 3 3m Roles 4 4m Roles 5 5m Dragon Defender 10m Your choice to pick what Role you want me to lvl up each have different price! For quests message me. I'm able to do any kind of quests. Discord: Skype: cerberos19 TOS Term of Services - you will only contact "CERBEROS19" for any deal! Please Private message me if you need to confirm anything! - You will provide login details "Bank pin too if I need to bank for supplies" - I wont held any responsibility for ban/mute in your account. - You will provide the payment first before I start your order in your account "we can also use a MM for him to hold the $$$" - You will NOT log in your account at all! Do so and service will be cancel without refund. - You will not change account details Do so and service will be cancel without refund.(Let me know if you wish to cancel the order (nmz))! This don't apply to Minigames just nmz! - You will not leave extra money/items that I don't need for the services! - After order is complete you will leave a feedback to me. - Posting a order below mean that you agree with each TOS. Order format: skype? what Order: payment method: