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  1. ThePlug

    Mod jed was framed.

    I like how tigeris likes to argue with everyone. Must have no friends IRL so he comes online to bully people
  2. ThePlug

    Maxed Staker + Zulrah Account

    Staker is still available. Looking for $130 or equal in RSGP as an A/W
  3. Bump, still doing this. Giving discounts on FULL FIGHT CAVES IF SLAY TASK + DECENT STATS.
  4. ThePlug

    Maxed Staker + Zulrah Account

    Up Up ^
  5. ThePlug

    Maxed Staker + Zulrah Account

    30M for the zulrah 200m OBO
  6. Jad Pet - 250M Pest Control - 40M Void 1 Helm - 50M for all helms Defenders - 7M upto dragon Angler Outfit - 10M Fossil Island ready - 10m Offering: Agility/Hunter/Firemaking/Mining/Fishing/Thieving/Slayer/Combat/Farming only Looking for someone to make me more layouts.