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  1. ThePlug

    Richest runescape player ever just got unbanned

    Right? LOL I used to make accounts like etc etc and never saved any of them.
  2. ThePlug

    Need some non member quests doing

    I can do this for you, minus Shield of Arrav
  3. ThePlug


    wat a master troll. i cant see it
  4. ThePlug


    finished that and most of the good animes. u got a link to ur anime page thingy like some people got?
  5. ThePlug


    ....... give me less shit anime suggestion
  6. ThePlug


  7. ThePlug


    thats not naruto lol
  8. ThePlug


    fk off
  9. ThePlug


    wat anime dat
  10. ThePlug

    F2P OSRS Quests

  11. ThePlug

    Scam report @semp

    scroll to the botom it'll say "last account activity "minutes ago" and "details" go into details.
  12. This SHOP is now permanently closed until further notice. I will no longer offer services here seeing as they're starting to support bank cleaning.
  13. ThePlug

    The max cash glitch from pk drops

    This rollback better be nothing too big holy fuck.
  14. ThePlug

    Looking for Leveling

    Service completed