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  1. -Cannot be Ironman -I must be able to change the email. -You tell me the price you want for it. -Not looking to pay more than 5m
  2. ThePlug

    LF questing

    already got quoted 4250k per account
  3. 15GP/XP with my supplies. 8 with yours
  4. ThePlug

    LF questing

    Will hire multiple people, depending on price. In Search of Myreque In Aid of Myreque Darkness of Hallovale x6
  5. ThePlug

    10HP Fire Cape Quote

    Damn I was thinking they woulda said like 300m bro. You got hooked up!
  6. ThePlug

    60+ Thieving

    buying a lot.
  7. ThePlug

    10HP Fire Cape Quote and like 2-3 others would be the only ones id trust for the job.. You'll be paying a lot
  8. ThePlug

    Fire cape

    start when ur ready. 45-1hr if a good run, upto about 1hr 30
  9. ThePlug

    Fire cape

    defence ?