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    It's fine. I don't want to pursue it further. Some form of contact was all I wanted, that was achieved here I guess. Thanks for letting me know.
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    I've changed the details of the account. If needed, this is what he has done so far:
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    kingdarius96 He isn't a scammer, he has simply gone completely AWOL and has used most of the bond time at current present time. Our agreement, as normal, is for me to pay him after he has finished and I was to leave 4m for supplies and the bond. So I've really only lost bond time so far as he has used the gold for supplies as far as I can tell. I haven't heard from him since he took the job of stats / quests (to make a baby gmauler), he has done maybe a few hours of work, maybe 10% of the order. After that, my character has done nothing but be at the cannon spot where he left off. Discord profile: Discord chat (ID at the bottom): If he doesn't want to do the job anymore, he can at least tell me so I can move the job to someone else. That's all I really want. Otherwise it's pretty poor practice, he has been online since I asked him for an update. I'm sure he also has a Sythe account, I want to dispute there too (my job offer was posted there and he responded to it) but can't find his user there (he contacted me directly through discord). I just want him to contact me, but he hasn't done so. I've had successful orders with him in the past, albeit slowly completed it was always done. This time he has just disappeared, but has been active since asking for updates. Thanks.