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  1. 99 Str Obby Mauler (Prodded) Combat: 54 Str: 99 Prayer: 31 Notables: Fire cape, Imbued Berserker ring, Slayer staff, loads of consumables. Stats, notables: Sale page:!the-perfect-99-strength-obby-mauler-build/ Price: $1200 (negotiable) 70 Str Obby Mauler Combat: 37 Str: 70 HP: 58 Stats: Sale Page:!cheap-as-chips--obby-mauler--70-strength/ Price: $25 Baby GMauler Pure Combat: 48 Atk: 50 Str: 60 Range: 70 HP: 50 Notables: Mith gloves Stats: Sale Page Acc#1:!baby-gmauler--gmaul-pure--48-combat--huge-stacks/ Sale Page Acc#2:!baby-gmauler--gmaul-pure--48-combat--huge-stacks-2/ Price: $65 Toxic Staff of the Dead Combat: 52 Attack: 75 Mage: 75 Notables: Fully PK ready with consumables. Mith gloves. Pic shows a looting bag, but it wont have that. Stats, notables: Sale Page Acc#1:!toxic-staff-of-the-dead--sotd-pure--52-combat--37-/ Sale Page Acc#2:!toxic-staff-of-the-dead2--sotd-pure--52-combat--37/ Price: $120 Magic short bow fletcher Combat: 3 Fletching: 80 Stats: Sale Page:!cheap-as-chips-money-making-alt--80-fletching-skil/ Price: $35 75 Mage pure Combat: 39 Mage: 75 HP: 10 Stats: Sale Page:!cheap-as-chips--75-mage/ Price: $20 82 Fishing Combat: 3 Fishing: 82 Stats: Sale Page Acc#1:!cheap-as-chips-money-making-alt--82-fishing-3-comb/ Sale Page Acc#2:!cheap-as-chips-money-making-alt--82-fishing-3-comb/ Price: $25 Note: All accounts are created by me, I am the original owner of every account I sell. I have 40 reps here, 70 on EpicNPC, 320 on PlayerAuctions. I put customers first, always. Feel free to ask for links to my offsite feedbacks if you want to see them. I am only looking for USD, using PlayerAuctions as the middleman. If you have good feedback, I will accept PayPal (you first). Discord: SnV#8048 - 247350304188792832 Cheers for reading!
  2. I have a prodded baby f2p. It kicks ass. 54 combat. Stats: