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  1. I would never be able to remember my details, which is shite.
  2. Nah defo not but i cant remember the dudes name i feel like it begins with R.
  3. Kez

    R8 my setup yeeee

    i stopped counting because it was getting unbearable. better to stay oblivious
  4. Originally joined to run bots. And got heavily back into it whilst running a big bot farm. Around EoC time though it just became a 'Facebook' of sorts and I've checked in ever since ayy
  5. Kez

    R8 my setup yeeee

    That's sweet man but don't think I need any more room, I don't eat at the desk or anything. Just be nice to get the stands and wires hidden for sleek desk space really ^_^ so if I mount it'll feel a bit fresher and open
  6. Kez

    R8 my setup yeeee

    just gunna have to re-cablemanagement and position but more mouse space? i guess lol. probably wall mount to rid of desk stand space. or setup in the spare room ^^^^
  7. Kez

    R8 my setup yeeee

    i hope so for the markup in price
  8. Kez

    R8 my setup yeeee

    After a good many years, finally treated myself to a new rig. It's beeeeaaautttiful. imo