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  1. Kerneels

    any good new horror films or psych thrillers?

    Oh okay, fair enough. Heard this film had some great reviews in our local cinema 😋
  2. Kerneels

    any good new horror films or psych thrillers?

    hereditary seems to be good.
  3. Kerneels

    Need some images creating

    Can you forward me this?
  4. Kerneels

    hi I'm not dead and I have bunnies now

    i will kill all the bunnies you spastic emo
  5. Kerneels

    Snippy a de snappy a de ankle go pop a de

    not my proudest fap
  6. Kerneels

    I'm back
  7. Kerneels

    Now he got @Liam

    customer support on a website where 80% of the scripts are broken nice
  8. Kerneels

    Now he got @Liam this is Crumb his account lol
  9. Kerneels

    The best gold buying service in town

    Belgium for the win
  10. Kerneels

    Selling 270m feathers.

    why you quote me on such an old reply
  11. Kerneels


    the forums are broken and looks like cancer
  12. Kerneels

    Lmao Dbuffed

    Laugh too at his comment:
  13. Kerneels

    9 hp

    My skiller on RS3 has 9HP, tried OSRS for a few mins and it is 10HP there.
  14. Kerneels

    Importing a car into the US

    Go find some dealerships and let them make an offer for you, ofcourse look how much experience they got with importing cars, its not that easy. Here in Belgium alot of people import straight from Germany, because sometimes you pay €5000 less for a brand new car