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  1. Kerneels

    This will be a hard week for @Dbuffed

    hi mason
  2. First sucking @Maldesto his dick, now getting banned for a week.
  3. Kerneels

    happy halloween

    say that Colin still hasnt paid for his domino pizza
  4. Kerneels

    happy halloween

    call her
  5. Kerneels

    Laugh dbuffed 'resigns'

  6. Kerneels

    Laugh dbuffed 'resigns'

    I really fell of my chair when I read "under my brand"
  7. Kerneels

    Official No nut november thread

  8. Kerneels

    Just Watched Halloween (2018) AMA

    I saw it aswell, good movie
  9. Kerneels

    RIP Facebook page

    Honestly, you can think what you want man. Its not my problem you can't read that I went to it for one time.
  10. Kerneels

    RIP Facebook page

    You uploaded it on imgur and everyone can find it. You cried here to the moderators to remove all the pictures we have about you, but you decided to upload them. For the first picture, can't you read what I said? " I went to your profile one time, you really should educate yourself and learn what stalking means "
  11. Kerneels

    RIP Facebook page

    The second one was posted on a competitor site, when we posted the picture here you immediately removed it there, however the imgur link is still alive which you uploaded the picture on. Don't cry.