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  1. I can believe here is nothing in demand for RS3. Like I said in my post above, they go to another client which I don't gonna mention here.
  2. Not even worth the time or effort? Man, you have a couple of premium scripts(Auto Fishing Pro for example) and people are asking for features. You just say "No" to adding some features or implementing new fishing spots(Deepsea). Simply saying its not even worth the time or effort is bullshit. People are buying this and instantly probably want an refund because of that. There is a demand of RS3 scripts, but most people search for another bot client, because at that place the scripts are maintained and the simple things the community are asking are being added. You can't deny that powerbot/RSBot is lacking on development. And we all know lots of people left here and went to another site, the best times of RSBot is over, there is no way to hide that.