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  1. No clue, he should be banned so his farewell topic is actually legit then
  2. Better respond to the scam report made against you. "Oh I got keylogged blabla" dont fucking download gold generators you 12 years old scrub.
  3. Kerneels

    How was this idiot a previous Mod?

    Oh god this is gold. What a scumbag, lets see what he responds to the report
  4. Kerneels

    New Golf R: 420HP, turbo inline 5

    I got a VW too, full option and never had a problem with electronics yet. My mom has her VW now for around 8 years and no problems.
  5. Kerneels

    we all know who dis

    this is so gold 10/10
  6. Kerneels

    Demote jamal

    the only did stupid actions here
  7. Kerneels

    WYD Services

    10 lines for RSBot each day
  8. Kerneels

    [Official] Act Like Dbuffed thread [Official]

    Sorry fixed I was doing services
  9. Kerneels

    [Official] Act Like Dbuffed thread [Official]

    bump this thread is worse than 9/11
  10. Implemeting something in the bot that everyone has their own unique pattern?
  11. What about the delayed bans and such
  12. Kerneels

    CoD BR mode low key lookin decent

    looks very good
  13. why was my thread edited again

    1. DopeAssFreshPrince


      Chris's order after Dbuffed reported the thread. It was his IP I guess. I wonder what could be the alternate.