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  1. I dont have 100+ feedback but can do this for cheap. have you gotten to galvek yet? Lmk - discord: J9R6#4287 or pm on here If its just galvek fight, i can do this for 6m
  2. J9R6

    Agility price 50-80

    Can do this for 270m. Lmk if interested - discord J9R6#4287 or pm on here
  3. J9R6


    cant sell accounts if under 25fb brotha
  4. Slayer ring can teleport you right to tarns lair, the only hard part is usually getting through the lair. Slayer ring gets you right there and killing tarn is a joke If the miniquest is already completed and you lost the diary, you can get the diary again from the bookcase in your PoH
  5. have you done the miniquest? edit: if not, do you have a slayer ring?
  6. J9R6


  7. check your bank for tarn's diary. if u have it, use the diary on your salve ammy
  8. J9'S AIO SERVICE 4 year PowerBot User Looking to get back into the services section of this forum I will be offering mostly skilling,questing, and firecape services, but am open to other orders as well. Post here or shoot me a PM and I will get back to you with rates/prices. *Discord will result in faster response times* ToS 1.I am not responsible for any bans during/after the service. All services WILL be hand-done. 2.I have the right to decline any orders. 3.You must not change password and must not login during the service. Doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund. 4. No refunds once service has been started. 5.You must change password after service is complete. Order Form What do you need completed: Form of Payment (07gp; or PayPal for trusted users): Do you agree to my TOS: Contact Discord: J9R6#4287