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  1. xD been working on this here and there didn't expect you to release on as well so I had to drop it 😛 I can let you know when I get back home, till then, and gz to you too 😛
  2. Have you been wanting to defeating the fight caves and earn yourself that saucy fire-cape but just aren't able to keep up with all the mayhem that goes on inside of the fight caves? Have you been tirelessly looking for the amazing runelite fight caves plugin but can't find it anywhere anymore because Noobex had it removed? Well now you've come to the right spot! This script is not a script by the normal sense in which it will perform automated tasks for you such as attacking npcs, eating food, drinking prayers and that sort of stuff. But rather this script is just like any ordinary Rune-Lite plugin in which it just prints overlays to your screen. Telling you what wave it is, what prayers to use, when to ideally drink prayer pots, when to eat food, what to expect during the current wave and much more! Features: Auto food and prayer restoration detection Automatically determines when is the best time to drink prayer pots or eat food Current wave overlay displaying the number and what monsters to expect Next wave overlay displaying the number and what monsters to expect Displays what prayer to use against each npc Displays the proper prayers to use against JAD Displays what healers need to be attacked during the JAD phase Media: Coming soon Ban-Rate: This script boasts a 0% ban rate no matter the time of day, no matter the weather whether it's raining or snowing or bright and sunny outside, this script will never result in your account being banned. Don't believe me? Well let me tell you why: This script does not directly interact with the client AT ALL. 0-mouse clicks are performed and 0-keyboard clicks are performed and also 0-mouse movements are performed with the script. This script does exactly what Rune-Lite's plugins do which is displaying information like any modern day rpg does. Price: Now you're probably wondering how much this script/plugin is going to cost because of its jam packed features and elegance. Well here's where you're wrong! This script is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Rune-Lite has been an open-sourced free project for quite some time now which contained a fight-caves helper as well. But a lot of users in this community like to be able to easily switch from botting to playing legit all within the RSBOT client without needing to close and open a new client. This is where this script comes into place, so look no further friends, you've already found the gold mine, because a lot more FREE overlay scripts are coming to Powerbot! How-To-Get: Get this script here: TBA, currently out of the house and was having github issues, will be uploading the script when I get back home tonight.(Don't report me ik im not home during a pandemic but what can you do) Happy Botting and hopefully this script helps you get your very first Fire-cape!
  3. Will check that out thanks for the positive feedback! Glad the scripts been working well for you!
  4. SBlue Dragon Killer is a blue dragon killer that kills blue dragons in brim-haven dungeon for a profit. Features Friendly GUI design Informative paint Attacks blue dragons very fast Eats all types of food at a desired HP Loots all specified items Auto-loots rare drop table items Banks loot for a profit Drinks potions Drinks antifire potions Agility shortcut support Media How to get This script is available for free on the SDN
  5. SStronghold Fighter is an OSRS combat script that works for you at the Security Stronghold either for XP or for loot! Features: Supports all monsters in the security stronghold on all 4 floors Loots specified items Walks to Stronghold training location Banks items and withdraws food from bank Eats specified foods Teleports back to Varrock when inventory is full or when you're out of food Completes Stronghold questions with ease *Always up to date answers* Dismisses random events Closes 'Warning' message when climbing down Stronghold ladder(if you're too lazy to disable the pop-up) Informative paint clickable paint with different tabs Item selection in the GUI has 'Auto completion' using the enter key Ability to chose location you'd like to fight at with just a click of a button Media: Proggies: Changelogs: How to Get: This script is available on the SDN Note:
  6. SRange Guild is an OSRS range guild target trainer.   Features: Very fast/Smart Informative Paint   Proggies:   How to Get: This script is available on the SDN   Credits: Han - allowing me to use his account to create this script
  7. SAIO Fighter is an OSRS AIO Fighter Features: Friendly GUI Design Informative Paint Attacks any desired monster Eats all types of food at a desired HP Loots all items specified Buries all types of bones Fast attack speed Save/Loading Settings Safe-Spotting Banks in every spot in runescape that uses object interaction or not Drinks potions Loots ammo Loots items depending on Ge price Advanced script auto stopping options Working on Making it so you can define a separate path for walking to bank and for walking to monsters Pathing guide: Instructions: 1. Click Add current tile when you are at your start point (monsters or bank) 2. Click Record path 3. Walk to your desired path 4. When you encounter an object, click 'Add current tile' 1 tile before the object 5. Click on the object to change the object's state if it's a gate or door 6. Click on 'Add current tile' 1 tile after the object 7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you are at the end of your path 8. Click Stop recording and your path should be completed! Note: Media: Proggies: How to Get: This script is available on the SDN