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  1. SEssence Miner is an OSRS mining script that mines rune and pure essences for you at the Varrock essence mine.   Features: Mines Essences or Pure Essences at The Varrock Essence Mine Banks (If you have a pickaxe in your inventory it won't bank it) Very fast Informative paint Proggies:     How to Get: This script is available on the SDN Don't See it? While on the SDN hold (CTRL + F5) that should refresh the SDN for you and you should see it then.
  2. SAIO Fighter is an OSRS AIO Fighter Features: Friendly GUI Design Informative Paint Attacks any desired monster Eats all types of food at a desired HP Loots all items specified Buries all types of bones Fast attack speed Save/Loading Settings Safe-Spotting Banks in every spot in runescape that uses object interaction or not Drinks potions Loots ammo Loots items depending on Ge price Advanced script auto stopping options Working on Making it so you can define a separate path for walking to bank and for walking to monsters Pathing guide: Instructions: 1. Click Add current tile when you are at your start point (monsters or bank) 2. Click Record path 3. Walk to your desired path 4. When you encounter an object, click 'Add current tile' 1 tile before the object 5. Click on the object to change the object's state if it's a gate or door 6. Click on 'Add current tile' 1 tile after the object 7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you are at the end of your path 8. Click Stop recording and your path should be completed! Note: Media: Proggies: How to Get: This script is available on the SDN