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  1. Your account was most likely flagged beforehand. I just got 4 of my accounts from base 30’s to base 60’s using this script within the past week. Last time i ran the account was Tuesday.
  2. Hey, sorry for the late response. Could you please send me your settings once you save them so I can try this out? Will help a ton for debuging this issue.
  3. Version 2.1 Release This is only a snippet of what has to come. Finishing a few updates but for now saving and more. This update was force pushed because of script breaking bug. Update V 2.1 * Bug Fixes - Fixed a bug that would cause the script to eat all your food - Fixed a small bug with paiting fight-spot in GUI * Improvements - Improved eating logic speed - All level up pop-ups will now close properly forever! * Additions - Added settings saving and loading (temporarily only 1 save file)
  4. Hey all! It's been super freaking long since this script has been working fluidly and well that time has finally come! Finally got some motivation and some free time to work on my scripts again. Will be pumping out more updates for my other scripts as well, but for now please enjoy this massive overhaul for this script! Update V 2.0: * Redid the whole GUI - Removed food quantity spinner with new banking tab - Added new auto completion system to help add item names for looting and banking - Brand new fighting spot selection menu build into the GUI! No you can simply click where you want to fight and what npcs to fight! * Redid the whole paint - Removed the ugly 1 panned paint - Implemented a clickable tab system - Added a loot tab - Added tabs for all combat related skills - Made the paint semi-transparent * Script improvments - Made combat get proccessed a whole lot faster * room changing for auto-relatiate in beta soon^tm * - Made looting more efficent - Changed the whole banking task to make it more efficent - Reworked all task priorities for higher efficency - Re-coded almost all of the old 2+ year old code - Updated all security stronghold answers - Fixed xp widget not closing - General bug fixes and performance improvements
  5. Will be fixing this in the next update this weekend! Thanks for reporting this!
  6. SOSRS Guards is an osrs script which kills varrock guards at the varrock Castle Features Eats any type of food Very fast, effective, and efficient attack speed Banks at Varrock west bank Enables run energy above 30 Loots medium clue scrolls on members worlds Media Proggies How to get Script is available on the SDN Here.
  7. SStronghold Fighter is an OSRS combat script that works for you at the Security Stronghold either for XP or for loot! Features: Supports all monsters in the security stronghold on all 4 floors Loots specified items Walks to Stronghold training location Banks items and withdraws food from bank Eats specified foods Teleports back to Varrock when inventory is full or when you're out of food Completes Stronghold questions with ease *Always up to date answers* Dismisses random events Closes 'Warning' message when climbing down Stronghold ladder(if you're too lazy to disable the pop-up) Informative paint clickable paint with different tabs Item selection in the GUI has 'Auto completion' using the enter key Ability to chose location you'd like to fight at with just a click of a button Media: Proggies: Changelogs: How to Get: This script is available on the SDN Note:
  8. SAIO Fighter is an OSRS AIO Fighter Features: Friendly GUI Design Informative Paint Attacks any desired monster Eats all types of food at a desired HP Loots all items specified Buries all types of bones Fast attack speed Save/Loading Settings Safe-Spotting Banks in every spot in runescape that uses object interaction or not Drinks potions Loots ammo Loots items depending on Ge price Advanced script auto stopping options Working on Making it so you can define a separate path for walking to bank and for walking to monsters Pathing guide: Instructions: 1. Click Add current tile when you are at your start point (monsters or bank) 2. Click Record path 3. Walk to your desired path 4. When you encounter an object, click 'Add current tile' 1 tile before the object 5. Click on the object to change the object's state if it's a gate or door 6. Click on 'Add current tile' 1 tile after the object 7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you are at the end of your path 8. Click Stop recording and your path should be completed! Note: Media: Proggies: How to Get: This script is available on the SDN