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  1. 92m shoot me a pm can do in about a week to ten days! I have leveled some other pures as well as my own so its safe in my hands
  2. can plowpipe nmz @10gp/xp pm me!
  3. Looking for a trusted user to get me 70-84 agility hand done please provide quote and time frame to my pm
  4. Sure! add my disc 5VE#5554
  5. lol yeah ive just never done it so i didnt know where it was
  6. i figured it out thanks tho mate
  7. i do have a slayer ring dont think ive done the miniquest (paid someone to do it :C)
  8. dont have it, I need the diary
  9. Honestly im bad and have a salve ammy but need it to be (e) and cant figure out how to get it. If someone trusted could access my account and get it for me i would appreciate it
  10. cookieman23

    Need skills

    can do crazy cheap pm me done today