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  1. The arrow looting feature isn't working. Just getting a system.out of "Executing K" in the Intellij Run window, nothing to log.
  2. It looks like strings/hour numbers are down quite a bit for some users. If you're having issues please post the last few lines of the log (Help -> View Log) here so I can make sure to address them!
  3. Search bounding utility
  4. Update your client to fix this banking issue.
  5. hsu

    Barrows Tunnels

    Just found this on another botting site. The post is from 2013 so I'll have to verify the info, but could be a good starting place. Tunnel data setting: 452 (used in the picture) Kill data setting: 453 (contains killcount, slain brothers and whether the chest is open or not)
  6. hsu

    Barrows Tunnels

    Yeah I started with just going to the interactable doors, but sometimes there is more than one option. Not sure if they all lead to the chest in the end or what, but maybe I'll let it run through a few times and see the success rate. I'll look into varps today. Thanks guys!
  7. hsu

    Barrows Tunnels

    I'm working on building a barrows script, and I have a fair amount of it done. One of the last things to do is build a tunnel controller. I've got a couple ideas of how to do this (such as work backwards from the chest and/or forwards from the player to find a path that works, or figure it out using a 3x3 grid by determining which grid cells are accessible). Curious if anybody has any other ideas for how to work out the tunnel path.
  8. Made some camera tweaks after playing legit for a while. Added better misclick management.
  9. Jagex changed something with the bank interface, which messed up banking in all scripts. Things should be back up and running. Make sure you have the latest version of PowerBot (! Let me know if you have any issues.
  10. Putting this here as an alternate solution that I use in my wc script. MenuCommand[] commands =; if (commands[0].action.equals("Chop")) { // click where the mouse is } else { // find the next option, use shuffle on screen to prevent pattern detection }
  11. Once you have RSBot installed, go to the SDN and search for "hsu" and add the script to your client. From there you can run it! SDN: Once the script is installed, just start the script and pick your option. For Pick & Spin, start in Seer's Village bank or flax field. For just spinning, start in the Lumbridge Castle bank or near the spinning wheel.
  12. Has two options: Spins flax into bowstrings at the Lumbridge Castle. (start in the Lumbridge Castle with flax in your bank) Picks flax in Seer's Village, spins it into bowstrings, and then banks them. (start in Seer's Village) Let me know what changes or suggestions you have and I'll work on implementing them as fast as I can! If you're having issues, please post the last few lines from the log in your post. You can find the log at Help > Log in the menu bar. Pick & Spin in Seer's Village: Spin Only in Lumbridge: Note: Seer's Village option may be inefficient right now, and may have difficulty clicking the spinning wheel. It will be updated in the next couple of days.