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  1. zGoldFarmer Farm gold on disposable accounts Available on SDN This script is still in beta stages, please report all bugs on this thread or via PM Introduction zGoldFarmer is the perfect choice for gold farmers who rely on gaining as much gold as possible before getting hit by a ban strike. This script will allow you to farm gold on untouched Runescape accounts until they die; what this means is all you will have to do is just create a new account let the bot do the rest. You will also be able to use what I like to call a collector account; an account that you will use to call bots to the bank and trade you all their earnings. Features Tutorial island competition 2 F2P Money making methods Collector account support (See below for more details) Money Making Methods: - Clay Mining Script will train on chickens until reaching combat level 13 to avoid mugger at the clay mines then will start mining and banking Will use the best pickaxe for its mining level if available in inventory or bank - Iron Mining This is exactly the same as clay mining except that it keeps mining clay until 15 mining then switches to iron rocks Collector Account You must have Script > Allow Trades turned on for this to work This feature allows you to send certain commands to the bot via Private Messages The bot will add your collector account to its friends list upon finishing tutorial island [Command] Bank - The bot will stop everything it's doing and meet you at the bank to trade its revenue To-Do Bot will sell its revenue at the grand exchange in order to purchase the next tier pickaxe once applicable Improve tutorial island sub-script More money making methods
  2. zGnomeAgility Gnome Agility Course Features: - Circulates around the gnome agility course Setup: - Start anywhere inside the course area Screenshots: