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  1. Fake email and no ban.
  2. 18. The quests that are done is The Knights sword Vampire slayer Druics Ritual Fight arena Lost City Mountain daughter Tree gnome village Waterfall quest
  3. So I decided to try get my old banned goldframing accounts (the ones i remembered the login) back and succeeded get back a few of them. Note that the have all been banned year 2014, but since I appealed my ban with an honest "I regret my action" the bans are now dismissed. This also follows with a registered e-mail address that will be changed to yours. Some of the accounts are perm muted. All accs have either macroing or goldfarming bans in their past. Truth been told, it doesn't matter. They're no way suspicious for Jagex. No account has the trade limit i.e quest, skills and gametime is fulfilled. You will bid on the account, and I will try top sell asap. I'm only accepting 07 gp.
  4. Bought a maxed melee main from a very trusted user here on PB that also has 5k + trades on PA. Acc has member till 4/20 so u can spend that day with Mary Jane instead. CBA play rs no more, thus im looking to sell it. start bid at 80$ paypal. Imgur link to stats, login and offences