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  1. ...goddamn it my mother and brother are such dense motherfuckers. They’re so dense they could be a pound cake, but they’re not sweet like a pound cake.
  2. I get way more attention on Reddit and Instagram than here lol
  3. With budget in mind. Thx
  4. i got a 4k camera, pretty happy
  5. Because you can still say faggot. Innit weird how random fringe forums are the last place you can say that? This is world full of faggots, ripe for burning.
  6. lol thanks for the kind words my friend. You are following my updates 😘, this post was just to archive the original post. I really don’t care about another bot anymore.
  7. Led Zeppelin

    Never forget

    Lmao of course that conversation is the first thing reddit thinks of, that app is a bunch of wannabe faggots.
  8. You must be thinking of Paris or someone else lmao being queer doesn’t mean someone is a pedo, but it’s nice to know what is on your mind you Dutch cunt, you dutchfags fuck kids more than anyone.