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  3. I know this is a unique report but I strongly believe this should be thrown out there. Oakdice likes to jump on the bandwagon with churn and burn content on his youtube channel, and this time he has really burned me. On the 29th of last month he released a video about "integrity" yet exposes several forum topics in a poorly censored manner. Not at one point did he ask my permission to identify my forum topic in his video. My username-login account shop can be seen in the forum section list, censored except my avatar is easily identifiable at 2:23 and my actual thread is shown at 2:29. These accounts are from a contact in the Chinese MMO market and were made 12-14 years ago on average for spamming goldsite URL's ingame. My contact told me they made hundreds of thousands of these but what he sold me was the unused leftovers. I have had these for many months and never had any issues whatsoever, and have never had an unsatisfied customer until after the release of oakdice's video. Oakdice releases his video and after it went viral the past few days have been a nightmare for me. I have sold accounts to lots of customers who I have had to refund as they have been autobanned upon logging in. I checked many myself and were clean, then as soon as customer logged in jagex notices they are sold and bans for "macro" or "goldfarmer" ban. All the accounts I have on were chain banned so I assume jagex have reached out to them and demanded to know the details as it's their game. I have a little over 10,000 of these left in stock and over the past hour I have checked and all that i have gone through are autobanned with 4th of july 2018 ban dates. My accounts sell like hotcakes and many people on sythe and powerbot who are big vendors have bought from me and have enjoyed the cheap price and polite customer service I provide. Depending on the packages I sell them in, if sold individually I would have made $16,000 gross value before any taxes or fees charged by payment processors or services such as If I didn't have coupon offers and free bonuses the stock would be valued at $20,000+. The $16,000 is a VERY generous estimation based on how quick I sell these both on a small scale and in bulk to big vendors. The absolute minimum I would have made from these accounts is $5000 as I sell 1000 for $500. However I sell all smaller quantities at $2 each with a coupon code for 20% discount exclusive to discord and sythe traffic. The coupon code only has 1000 uses available so this would only effect 10% of the stock. I would like to know if Oakdice would be considered even partially responsible as he has exposed topics on his channel without permission and with very poor censorship. From watching the video I can identify every thread he shows even with partial censorship. For instance the censored picture of the gamers/powerlevelers is crazypipes workers. Although I am at a profit this huge damage to my stocks has happened at a very bad time as my goldsite is under development so we have reduced income and I am due to move to china in the next 5-6 weeks. And people think business is easy huh? Well let this be a warning to all of you considering getting in to this industry. Video link: screengrabs of timestamps mentioned:
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