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Approximate Price Ranges We Pay (Max, Comp etc): 100CB (lower end): $10-20 126-138CB (maxed combat or similar): $25-100 MAX CAPE: $100-225 (ex-max with 1 divination/invention etc): $75-100 COMPLETIONIST CAPE: $100-375 (ex-comp with missing requirements): $100-200 (ex-comp with missing requirements including new stats): $100 Payment methods: - Paypal - Bitcoin (subject to availability) When will you get paid? Due to the 99.976[made-up-but-very-true-assumption]1293% recovery scam rate for high level accounts, there will be a delayed disbursement. We will not do business with anybody who is not happy with our terms listed below, regardless of how reputable you are. Methods of Contact Send me a private message. Discord: (PM Admin Rank Liam) Add our skype profile live:mmogoldies Contact our live chat support on our website. (Ask to speak to Lime or Lilly, whoever is available) Note: My wonderful personal assistant, Lilly, often uses our skype profile and carries out live chat tasks on my behalf. Please consider Lilly as trusted as myself, she really is a fantastic member of our team. However please be careful for any imposters. Only speak with Lilly on our live chat at, or our skype profile listed above. She will never contact you in any other way. Terms and Conditions Terminology: In the following listed terms, the terminology used is defined as follows and should not be misinterpreted as any other claim or definition prior, during, or following the trading process. The term "seller" or "the seller", refers to the trading party that I (@Lime) am purchasing the account from. Should be the case that a middleman is involved, the temporary holding of currency and/or virtual accounts will be considered in the possession of the middleman, referred to as "middleman", "the middleman", or "MM". This should not be confused with the terms "seller" or "the seller". The terms "buyer" or "the buyer" refer to myself. The one exception to this in which this term is redefined is when business is done via my live chat. My agent "Lilly" on my live chat channel at or skype profile live:mmogoldies can be considered "the buyer" on my behalf. This exception is made as Lilly is my personal assistant and she will forward the transaction details to me only. No other support agents or workers are granted this permission and have been instructed to forward you to Lilly or myself. The terms "disbursement" or "payout" refer to the funds sent by the buyer to the seller on the specified date the seller is owed payment for the account being sold. The term "escrow" or "escrow period" in this regard, refers to the time frame between the successful ownership transfer of the account from the seller to the buyer, and the specified payout date. Disbursement Terms and Conditions: 1) Following successful ownership transfer from the account seller to buyer, and a brief check of the account in-game, we will schedule the appropriate disbursement time (refer to disbursement terms further below). 2) The buyer will be the only entity with knowledge of the account login details following ownership transfer from the seller.* Therefore any lock that occurs will be initiated by Jagex due to geolocation change, or the original owner submitting a recovery request. 3) If the account is locked before the scheduled payout time, no disbursement will be made. 4) If the account receives any form of temporary or major (perm) ban during the escrow period, then the deal is considered canceled. 5) If the account is on any of the blacklist topics for any reason at all, including locked and archived topics, the transaction will be considered a high risk, thus canceled. 6) It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure his/her Paypal email specified is valid and can receive United States Dollar payments. Any frozen/pending transactions are not the responsibility of the buyer. 7) If for any reason at all the account may have been used for fraud, and as a result has a negative 'J coins' balance, the transaction will be canceled. 😎 Once the escrow period is over and the disbursement is made, the deal is considered closed. Should the seller wish to reverse the transaction for any reason due to a change of heart, it is his/her responsibility to discuss with the buyer to schedule a return of ownership. In a situation such as this it is the responsibility of the seller to pay any fees charged by Paypal or bitcoin transactions. 9) Any recovery attempt or successful recovery of the account initiated by the seller and/or the accounts original owner after the disbursement has been cleared is considered a scam. Scams will not be tolerated and a report will be published publicly on with the account information submitted to blacklists, and if necessary the evidence will be forwarded to Jagex to ensure the account is not hijacked from unsuspected purchasers in the future. 10) If the seller does indeed scam, or attempts to recover the account regardless of whether or not they are successful, the buyer reserves the right to dispute the disbursement on Paypal, abiding by the ToS of PayPal. If the buyer believes necessary, collection agencies may be involved to recover funds within full extent of the local law, and the law corresponding to the location of the seller. Should the location of the seller need discovering, the buyer reserves the full right to hire private investigators within full extent of the law. 11) The seller accepts and is bound to all terms outlined in detail on this topic. If the seller has a name change, profile change, or registers during or after the trade is completed, they are still bound to these terms. The buyer is responsible for instructing the seller to check these terms during the initial discussion stage before the trade commences. The buyer is not responsible if the seller does not read these terms and will not seek evidence that the seller has read them carefully prior to further discussion or the beginning of the trade. If a middleman is involved, it is the decision of the middleman whether he/she wishes to take the time to read these terms. Finally, if the buyer fails to instruct the seller to these terms then he/she is in violation of his/her own terms. Should this be the case for any valid reason, then any trade to follow is at his/her risk. 12) The buyer will not use the account during the first 7 days of the escrow period. Except for logging in to check that the account is not locked or banned. This is to ensure a cool down period from the previous owners activity. *with the following exceptions: (i) If a middleman is involved. (ii) If the trade (or part of the trade) is carried out with Lilly on live chat or the skype profile live:mmogoldies Escrow Period Terms and Conditions The Escrow Period differs depending on a the list of terms to follow. The seller should not take anything personally and the buyer assures that this is standard procedure to make trades a safe and smooth experience. 1) Regardless of how many vouches the seller has, regardless of the join date, donor status and any other factors that may contribute to what is considered 'trustworthy' by the majority of market users, the minimal escrow period will be 10 days. 2) "Days" correspond to the UK Timezone. 3) The escrow period for all Max Cape, and ex-max cape accounts lasts for 14 days. 4) The escrow period for all Completionist cape, and ex-completionist cape accounts is 1 month (calculated as 30 days). Our terms: We reserve the right to refuse to trade with rude and/or impatient users. Our rates are only negotiatable in bulk account purchases. Your desired currency must be specified before the account ownership transfer takes place. Full account ownership must be transferred to us before you receive payment. Complete account inspection will take place for around 5-10 minutes before payout is processed. (for higher value accounts) We only trade on Skype. NOTE: Dumping your link/images followed by "offer??" will not receive a response as you've clearly not read my topic. Thank you! About Liam and MMOGoldies team ✔ ✔Liam✔ $600+ SYTHE DONATOR (IN THE TOP 2% OF ALL DONORS) / $200 Sponsor on Powerbot. Bulk buyer of RSGP since 2015. ✔ Ex-Owner of a high 5 figure RS Gold Site: RSGoldStock ✔ Trusted with over $40,000(paypal) from Ex-Mod Kaii. ✔ Need proof of anything? Just ask. ✔ I NEVER trade without sending a PM. ✔ $1.2 Million handled since 2015. ✔ we handle over 150 game currencies for multiple platforms, including but not limited to: PC, XBOX ONE, PS4, XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo.